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Girl Talk: Shopping With Lou!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum and sister.

I say shopping, but it was more like wish-list shopping. Since my birthday and Christmas are only 13 days apart, and both shortly approaching, rather than asking for all of the things that I want now, I would look around and see what's around so I can put them on my birthday/Christmas list later!

So, rather than just shopping, I thought I'd bring my camera along (or the camera in my phone) and take pictures of some of the things that I am interested in, and show them to you.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I like!

First up is this really cute Christmas jumper. I've never really had a Christmas jumper before, but when I saw this, I thought that it was really nice, and I like the fact that the scarf hangs off the jumper. The only thing is it wasn't that thick, so may not be ideal for Christmas time!

I saw this and got so excited! I haven't been watching The Vampire Diaries for very long, but I am a huge fan and I would…

Review #30: Please Stop Laughing At Me by Jodee Blanco

First of all, this is my 30th review! I love the fact that I post weekly book reviews because books are what I love most, and incorporating them into this blog is something that I love doing!

This is the first autobiography that I am reviewing, and it is probably the best autobiography that I have ever read! Even without my synopsis, you can probably tell what the book is about, but I'll give you an in-depth blurb anyway.

Jodee Blanco is not like other children. While most worry about first kisses and college, she is worrying about how to get from class to class without being taunted by her classmates. All through her life, Jodee has been verbally and physically abused by the people that she is supposed to share secrets with and trade gossip with. The book tells the story of Jodee from her point of view, portraying her feelings about the events and all of the different incidents that happen to her.

I really think that this book should be a lot more popular and many more people sh…

October Favourites!

Another favourites post!

This is my 7th and I have so many great things that I want to recommend to all of you!

Favourites posts are probably one of my favourite posts to do, just because they're personal and you can see the things that really catch my eye each month!

Favourite Movie: Annabelle I saw this for the first time 2 days ago and watched it again yesterday. I'm always looking for a horror film that scares me, and although I wasn't as scared as I'd like to have been, when I'm home alone, part of me does feel like Annabelle may be watching me. If horrors are your thing, watch this film! Favourite TV Show

Bookshelf Tour Part 3!

My bookshelf tours are some of my favourite posts to do!

I love looking through all of my books and choosing which ones I will read next, as well as which ones I'll be reviewing in the future.

If you've read my other 'Bookshelf Tour' posts, I hope that you like this one as much as you guys seemed to like the other two!

Love Ya Babe
I love Chris Higgins books, and I've read this one so many times! I love the main character Gabby and her best friend Angie so much, mainly because I have friends just like them and I can relate to them easily!

Ginger Snaps
I haven't read this in a good few years but I still remember it clearly! Cathy Cassidy is another of my childhood favourites, along with Jacqueline Wilson. This book was music focused, which I love as I am a huge lover of anything musical!

Dustbin Baby
I haven't read this book, and I don't think I will. Although I was the biggest fan of Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger, I never really wanted to read it b…

6 Months!!

I seem to say 'Thank You' quite a lot, but I really do feel like it's needed. So, I have been blogging for half a freaking year! That may seem like no time at all to you, and it probably isn't, but to someone who never finds something that they really enjoy for more than a few weeks, that is amazing! When I started this blog, I didn't really know what I would do with it or where it would go. Obviously I wanted people to read it (because otherwise I would have written a diary!) but I never started it to get free things or to have huge amounts of followers, as I've said before. My first post was called 'Being You' and I cringe at it now because I feel like I had no clue what I was doing! And although I have better design and photography skills than I had six months ago, I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not a beauty blogger or a fashion blogger. I don't know whether I'm a lifestyle blogger or not, but you get what I mean, I don…