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February Favourites! | 2017

Hey Guys x

It's been a busy month, probably because it's the shortest month of the year and I have a lot of stuff to get done!

However, I still have many favourites to share with you, so I hope you really enjoy seeing them and, hopefully, making my favourites, your favourite too!

Favourite Movie: Hidden Figures

Of all the Oscar movies, this was my favourite. And because, for this month, I've only been watching Oscar nominated movies, this has to be my favourite of the month. I've reviewed it already so I won't waste time doing it again now, but it's a really powerful movie that I think everyone should watch.

Favourite TV Show: This Is Us

This show is amazing! Honestly, everyone who isn't currently watching this show really needs to because it's awesome! It's about three siblings, their lives, and the way that they connect to each other. Two are twins and the other is adopted, which is significant to the story and really is the central plot of the show…

The Oscars: My Wishes and Predictions!

Hey Guys x
I'm so fricking excited for the Oscars I can't even describe! I'm also excited to write this post, which I've been wanting to write for so long!
So today, I'll be filling you in on the Oscar categories and nominees, telling you who I think will win, and telling you who I want to win.

I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

But before I go into the categories, I'm going to rate my best picture nominees, because I've finally gotten around to seeing all of them!

I've reviewed all these movies. Click their names to see my post about them!

9. Arrival

8. Fences

7. Lion

6. Hacksaw Ridge

5. La La Land

4. Hell or High Water

3. Manchester By The Sea

2. Moonlight

1. Hidden Figures

Hacksaw Ridge and Lion are pretty much interchangeable on this list, as are Moonlight and Manchester, but I definitely stand by the rest!

Now, onto my wishes and predictions!

Best Picture
The nominees are above, so I don't need to write them aga…

Hacksaw Ridge | Film Review

Hey Guys x
I've done it! I've seen all the films nominated for a 'Best Picture' Oscar! And I must say, it's a great list of movies that everyone should dip into.
But anyway, last on the list was Hacksaw Ridge, which I've just finished watching! (Technically its still on, got about 5 minutes left, but I want to review it early so that I can put up my final Oscar related post tonight!)
This film is about a man called Desmond Doss. He goes into a war as a pacifist, choosing to never pick up a gun or take a human life. He's branded a coward and made to feel like he is wrong to standing up for himself and his beliefs, but is he any use in the war if he won't use a weapon?
I enjoyed this film. I'll admit, it took me a while to get into, and some of the battle scenes went on for way too long in my opinion, but when you look at it as a whole, when you know the story, it's a really great film.
The fact that it's a true story makes it better because,…

Lion | Film Review

Hey Guys x
I know it's the middle of the night (in the UK), but I just finished watching this movie and the Oscars are tomorrow so I wanted to get this up as soon as possible!
That means that that this will be a 'live' post, meaning that I'm uploading it as soon as I finish writing it and not editing it or anything.
So, Lion.
This movie is about a boy called Saroo. He's a five-year-old living in India when he gets separated from his brother and ends up in Calcutta, and eventually adopted by an Australian family. But he never forgot where he was and decides that he wants to find his real family, before it's too late.
I have to preface my review by saying that, for some reason, the version of the film that I saw didn't include subtitles. So for the first hour, because all of the characters were speaking in an Indian dialect, I didn't really understand what was happening fully, and had to read the Wikipedia page to work out what was happening.
Whether it …

Hell Or High Water | Film Review

Hey Guys x
You may or may not know, but I saw this film AGES ago, all the way back in November. At the time, I obviously had no idea that it would be nominated for an Oscar, so I didn't review it (Not that I only review Oscar Nominated films, of course!)
But then, I thought it would be a bit unfair if I reviewed every film I saw and left this one out. So, a few months late, I'm getting around to reviewing it!
This movie is about two brothers, Toby and Tanner Howard. They live in Texas and basically, to try and stop their mother's ranch from going into foreclosure, they rob banks. However, after a slip-up or two, two policemen are on their tail, and will stop at nothing to make sure that they catch the thieving brothers.
Now, I said this when I first saw it, but I'll say it again now, I loved this film! My description probably made it sound less profound than some of the other Oscar films, but this is definitely one that can't be captured with a written descriptio…

Moonlight | Film Review


Hidden Figures | Film Review

Hey Guys x
Today on my Oscar journey, it was the turn of Hidden Figures! This is one that I wasn't expecting to like that much, I assumed it would be all scientific and I wouldn't understand what was going on half the time, so I went into it with low expectations.

This film is about three African-American women who, in different ways, helped to send astronaut John Glenn into orbit, breaking all gender and race boundaries that they came across.

There's not much more to say about the film, that's the basic premise.


This film is fricking incredible. Honestly, it's the best film I've seen this year without a doubt and I can't stop thinking about it.

The story itself is amazing, and I'm so annoyed that this was a story that no one was telling, that no one had heard until this movie came out. Nowadays, space and NASA and the solar system are things that are explored on a daily basis, and it is much more common to hear about someone being sent into spa…

Fences | Film Review

Hey Guys x
I just went to see Fences, continuing my goal of seeing all (or most) of the Oscar 'Best Picture' nominees before the Oscars on Sunday.
This is a film that I didn't hear much about before seeing it, so I kind of went in completely blind, not expecting anything one way or another.
It's about a black family living in the 1950's. Troy (played by Denzel Washington) and Rose (played by the incredible Viola Davis) are married and doing all they can to raise their family the right way. But when their son Cory reveals his wish to play football, this leads to tension, animosity and unearthed secrets that threaten to tear the family apart.
That's all I can say without spoiling anything, but if I could include spoilers, there would be a lot more to that plot description!
I came out of the cinema not really knowing how I felt about this film, and I still don't. On the one hand, it was touching, there were such powerful, amazing moments, and I enjoyed watchi…

Arrival | Film Review

Hey Guys x
I've been slowly making my way through the Oscar 'Best Picture' nominees, this was the next one on my list!
I'd heard a lot of good things about this film, and as the two main characters are played by Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, I kind of had high expectations.
The film is about a woman called Louise Banks who is a language expert. When aliens unexpectedly come to earth, she is recruited, along with Renner's character Ian, to try to understand their language, decipher it, and to see why the aliens are there and what they want with humans. However, while deciphering their language, Louise learns more about herself than she ever thought possible. How can one, completely unexpected event, shape your entire life?
I have to say straight away, I was a bit disappointed with this film.
Without giving anything away, not a lot happened. I mean, yes Louise and Ian tried to make contact with the aliens and to work out their language and communicate, but that was k…

Promoting My 2014 Posts!

Hey Guys x

If some of you haven't been reading my blog for a long time, you might not know that I actually started blogging in 2014.

I'm so glad that I've kept it up for so long!

So I thought that, today, I'd use this post to promote some of my favourite posts that I've written in 2014, some that I think were fun or interesting or didn't get as many views as they deserved.

I'm hoping to promote my 2015 posts next Sunday and 2016 posts the Sunday after!

Please check out these older posts!

2014 Posts!

'Which Disney Princess Are You?'
This was a post that I really enjoyed writing! I basically gave characteristics for each Disney princess and asked which you think you are in real life, kind of like a quiz! Take the quiz and tell me who you think you are!
'Carrie Moments'
This post was me describing what 'Carrie Moments' are - those moments when your brain forces you to relive an anxious or embarrassing moment and you feel all the anxiety …

Meeting My Blogging Bestie!

Hey Guys x

So, something really exciting happened on Saturday - I finally met my Blogging Best Friend!

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you'll already know who I'm talking about, but for those of you that don't, I'm talking about Chloe, aka Professional Daydreamer.

Check out her blog:

We've been friends for almost three years, we actually started our blogs around the same (she started a few days before me), and since then we've been very close, helping each other at every opportunity and catching up on each other's lives every so often.

So we decided that we wanted to meet each other last year and nothing ended up happening. However, that made us so much more determined to make it happen this year, and it finally has!

Read her blog post of our day out together here!

We went out to Oxford Street.

The first thing we did was the Disney Store, which was great as we're both huge Disney fans. She co…

My Introduction To DC Movies!

Hey Guys x

So, if you've been reading my posts for a bit, you'll know that I'm a huge Marvel fan. Until recently, the extent of my superhero knowledge came from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I decided to change that.

Now, I have never had anything against DC, I've just not watched any of the movies. They never appealed to me when I was younger, and when I started getting into the Superhero thing, I started with the Avengers and made my way their the Marvel universe and fell in love with it.

But, with Wonder Woman coming out this year, I decided that it was time to take the plunge and fall into the world of DC.

I started with the most recent movies and will eventually make my way back to the Batman trilogy.

So yesterday I watched Batman vs Superman and today I watched Suicide Squad. The rest of this post is going to be mini reviews of both these films, so I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on these movies!

I also have to say that these films were my first introducti…

Popular Movies I Haven't Seen!

Hey Guys x

So, from my alternative Blogmas posts last year, some of you guys might know how much I love films, and how passionate I am about them.

However, there are a lot of really popular films, that I'm not that interested in seeing.

They're not even the films that people recommend. They're the films that people quote and talk about assuming that everyone has seen them already.

If there are any films on this list that you love, tell me to watch them!


I just want to get this one out of the way first, because this is the one that everyone is shocked at when they hear that I haven't seen it. I've seen the end bit when (spoiler alert!) she lets him fall into the sea, but apart from that, I haven't seen anything else. I know that it's a very long film, and I feel like you have to be in a particular mood to watch it. Or maybe I know that it's tragic and my subconscious is protecting me from heartache. Either way, I haven't seen it. I probably wi…

Not Defining Myself!

Hey Guys x

Today I want to talk about what I define myself as.

Up until the last, maybe, 6 months, I've defined myself with words. Literally. I defined myself as being a writer. Writing was what I did. I write a blog, I write fanfics, I write myself into my favourite TV shows (I actually do this. My character in The Vampire Diaries has a great sub-plot!) and that was it, I was a writer.

But as I discover more and more about myself, I've found that I can be defined in a lot of different ways.

First of all, I've found a love of film.

Through that, I've realised that writing is not the only thing that I aspire to do in the future. For one, I want to be heavily involved in the filmmaking process, maybe by being a director or producer.

But then again, I could also define myself by the music I listen to. Or what I wear, or what I eat, or what I watch.

And when I took a step back, I asked myself, 'why are you putting yourself in a box?'

And this is true. Why do I ha…

Eyes and Smiles!

Hey Guys x

This post used to be called 'Stranger Danger', which is why it's on the picture above!

This whole blog post is going to centre around one single idea.

I have a weird thing with making eye contact with strangers. I feel vulnerable when people on the street are looking at me.

But recently, I've been forcing myself to smile at the people that make eye contact with me. And that isn't necessarily strangers on the street, but more the different people that I see at uni that I don't recognise.

I've found that, when I do this, it invites conversation, which is a really nice thing, especially if I have the class in common with the person that I smile at.

I guess smiling at someone lets them know that you're willing to converse with them, and that you're actually a nice person and not the person that resting-bitch-face makes you seem!

I don't know how this idea popped into my head. I think because it's weird to think about the amount of…