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Review #17: Nobody's Girl by Sarra Manning

You may have seen this book in last Friday's 'What's In My Bag' post, and it you haven't, you can read it here!

I had never read a Sarra Manning book before I read this one. I bought it on a whim because I read the burb and I thought it looked like an interesting read. I was not disappointed!

The book is about Bea. Bea is a  'dull' girl who doesn't have proper friends and has a fixed routine. She is a 17-year-old who behaves like a 50-year-old. So Bea finds it a bit weird when her ex-best-friend Ayesha invites Bea to join the 'popular' clique, with an extended invitation to join the girls in Malaga. But things like this never go to plan, and Bea ends up on the train to Paris, to see the father she never knew in the place she's always been in love with. Along the way, she meets 6 American students, one of which, she develops an instant crush on. His name is Toph. But sooner or later, Bea has to decide. Will she be the good girl she always h…

July Favourites!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but this post is my 4th 'favourites' post! I can't believe that I've been blogging this long. I remember when blogging was something that I was scared to do because I thought that no one would care what I had to say.
If you've even read one post, let alone more than one post, thank you so much.

I hope you enjoy what I've enjoyed this month!

Favourite Movie: Oculus

I only saw this a few days ago, but I loved it so much that I had to put it in. However, if you're a horror enthusiast like me you may be disappointed. The film didn't scare me at all, which is something that I look for in good horror movies. The reason that I loved this was because of the story. I liked the way it was portrayed and I love the fact that you couldn't guess what would happen in the end.

Favourite TV Show: Two And A Half Men

I. Am. Obsessed. I watch this show at least once every day, sometimes I watch the same episode on continuous d…

My Top 10 Actors

I love watching movies. I generally watch most genres but I stick to romance and horror. I get obsessed with actors the same way that I get obsessed with BoyBands.
I chose 10 actors that I love more than all the others, based on their acting performances rather than their looks!
Beneath each actor will be my favourite film of theirs, along with the trailer for that film. Enjoy watching the trailers!

10) Theo James

I've written about Theo James before and I will probably write about him again. As much as I find him attractive, I do think that he is a really good actor. He can do various roles. Although I've only seen him in one film, he played so many different emotions that enabled me to see many different sides of him.
Favourite Film: Divergent

9) Idris Elba

I've seen Idris Elba in quite a few films now, and I know that he was recently in 'Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom'. I first saw him in films a few years ago and I loved him. The thing that struck me the most w…

3 Months and Fun Questions

I can't believe it, but this blog has been properly up and running for 3 months!

I know that this won't seem like a long time to most people reading, but for me, it's a huge amount of time! I'm the type of person that starts a million different things at once and gets bored of every one of them. And I never had long-term plans for this blog, it was always something that I wanted to do but I never thought that people would like it.

I never expected to have followers, or have people tweeting about my blog or commenting on it. But the amount of support that I have got for my blog is amazing! If you've commented on my blog in any way, whether on the hopeful forum, on twitter or on the blog itself, thank you so much.

On Thursday, I played around with my blog a bit. If you're not reading this on a laptop then you may not have noticed (I've not worked out how to change anything on the phone version yet!) but if you are reading on a laptop, then you would have see…

Girl Talk: What's In My Bag?

Hey guys

This is going to be completely different to anything that I've done on this blog so far. Normally, the people who have done this have been labelled 'beauty gurus' and have lots of their make-up in their bags. My version is going to be a bit different.

I have unintentionally filled a bag with everything that I have used over the last week, and decided to wait to unpack it until I was ready to take pictures for this blog.

All the pictures that I have taken have been on a white Fujifilm Finepix L55 and I love this camera so much. I'm not very good at photography and this is the first time that I have used a proper camera in a post rather than my phone, so I hope that the pictures came out well!

This post starts with the bag itself:

The bag I've been using is a pink Michael Kors bag that is shared between me and my mum. I love this bag because it's spacious and I can pack a lot of things into it without it getting too heavy. This is the inside of the bag b…

Review #16: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

If you've been following me for a while now (or have read all of my posts) you will have seen me review 'I've got your number' which is also by Sophie Kinsella. If you haven't seen my post, you can view it here!

At the end of that post, I recommended this book and said that I would be reviewing it at a later date. Well, the time has come for me to review it and I am so excited to share my thoughts on this book with you.

The book is about a successful lawyer called Samantha. She is Cambridge-educated and has an IQ of 158. Everything in her life is going...ok. It could be better, but she's happy with the way it is. Until she makes a mistake. A mistake that will single-handedly ruin her career. So, like some of us, instead of facing up to her mistake, Samantha runs away. She ends up walking into the house of Trish and Eddie Geiger, a rich couple in desperate need of a new housekeeper. Enter Samantha. She doesn't know it, but she has unknowingly signed up to b…

The 3 Stages Of Romantic Movies

I watch a lot of romantic movies, when I'm not watching horror movies. I watched Marcus Butler's video on the same sort of topic and my sister gave me the idea to do my own version.

There are a lot of things that only happen in romantic movies and as Marcus pointed out, they're a bit cliché. But rather than list some things and point out how, in reality it would be different, I'm going to see what things are common in practically all romantic movies. These are my typical 3 stages of Romantic Movies.

The Perfect Kiss

Whether it's the first kiss or the last kiss, the kiss between the two main characters in a romantic movie is always perfect. It's the kind of kiss that we all dream of having. All romantic movies have them because they need to give the viewer something to dream about and to aspire towards. You'll never find a romantic movie without one!

An Explosive Break-up