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Carrie Moments

This is something that I have wanted to talk about for a long time, but I haven't known how to explain it well, so I've decided that I'm just going to go for it!

Do ever get those times when you remember something from the past that was embarrassing or made you feel anxious, and by this random memory popping into your head at a random time, you feel the embarrassment or anxiety about the situation all over again? This is me at least 10 times a week.

I hate these moments because, having anxiety anyway on a regular basis is bad enough, but embarrassment is something that I can't handle. I hate feeling embarrassed and can never deal with it well, it is the worst emotion that I can feel.

I call these moments 'Carrie Moments'. This is because Carrie Hope Fletcher was the first person who I could identify with about this. She made a video and spoke about her reminiscing about all the embarrassing and silly things that she had done over the years, and she was the fir…

September Favourites!

I have been writing 'favourites' posts throughout three seasons! I started in spring, made it through summer and am now in autumn!

Favourites posts are some of my favourite posts to do because it allows me to recommend things to you guys that aren't books! As much as I love books, these posts allow me to recommend films and TV shows and youtubers and I love doing that!

Favourite Movie: Horrible Bosses

5 Months and 48 Questions!


Girl Talk: Gossip

I am in the midst of planning a really fun 'Girl Talk' post. I wanted to put it up today, but with college work and getting home later and later, I had to substitute it and change the weeks around, so look forward to next weeks post! (It may or may not involve Disney) Gossip. I made this a 'Girl Talk' post because, although boys probably gossip too, we all know that girls do it more. And while boys do it in an innocent way, there are a few (OK, a lot) of us girls who gossip in a malicious way. Personally, I think gossip is ok, and innocent a lot of the time. If you and your friend talk about the people that you come into contact with, whether about something they've done or something they've worn, I think gossip is harmless, in certain circumstances. I obviously don't think gossip is 100% bad all the time, and I don't think anyone could, as we probably all do it, and we can't be hypocrites. But there is a point where gossip becomes harmful, and can…

Review #25: You're The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher

Before I start this review, oh my gosh, this is my 25th review! I've done quarter of 100 reviews! Thanks if you've read, at least one of my reviews, it means a lot. Especially as books are probably my number 1 passion in life, just as writing is!