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I Don't Follow The Blogging Rules!

Hey Guys x

I don't think I'm a typical blogger.

Well, I don't think any blogger is 'typical', but there are things that a lot of bloggers do that I don't, so I thought I'd make a post that basically highlights how different I am to other bloggers.

Hopefully, if you think you're different too, this gives you some peace of mind!

Not Being Active on Social Media
I'm not the most active person on social media. I have twitter and Instagram (both under Louleecutie, for anyone that wants to follow me!) but I'm not super active. For Instagram especially, I hardly post. And that's for no other reason than I don't take that many pictures that I think people would want to see. And on twitter, I don't really tweet that much, just because I forget, or have nothing to tweet about and don't like tweeting just for the sake of tweeting. I definitely use twitter to promote, and it's great for that. I also take part in twitter chats, which I th…

Manchester By The Sea | Film Review

Hey Guys x
So, today's post, as you can see, is another film review. About an hour ago I saw the Oscar Nominated 'Manchester By The Sea', and I wanted to review it as soon as possible while it's still in my head.
The film is about a guy called Lee who lives in Boston, but is forced to travel back to his hometown of Manchester, Massachusetts after the death of his brother. But when he finds out that he is the sole guardian of his nephew Patrick, his has to decide what's more important - taking care of Patrick, or escaping the demons of his past.
I don't know how I felt about this film. I enjoyed it, I thought it was very well-written, well-acted, and it was a great original concept. I think it deserves it's Oscar nomination and I think that Casey Affleck could definitely win the Best Actor Oscar for it, his performance was great.
However, there were some things about it that I didn't enjoy. For one, I love a bit of conflict in a film, especially if it&#…

January Favourites | 2017

Hey Guys x

Welcome to my first 'Favourites' post of the year!

Because I included so much stuff in my last 'Favourites' post, this one is going to be a bit shorter, but they're still things that I've been really passionate about this year, that I can't wait to share with you!

Please tell me some of your favourite things from January in the comments!

Favourite Movie: Sausage Party

I loved this movie! When I first started watching it, I thought 'what the hell is going on?'. But when you get past that, I really admired the original concept, and the amazing humour. Yes there were heavy sex references, but that just made the film even funnier in my opinion! It's received a lot of negative backlash but I think it was hilarious and I'll definitely be watching it again! Just when you think there are no more original ideas, this comes out!

Favourite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

I know that this was my favourite last month, but this is all that I've b…

I Want I Want I Want

Hey Guys x

I'm in the mood to write. I'm in the mood to create.

I'm coming from just watching Hazel Hayes' October 2016 Time Of The Month (TOTM) and this one has affected me, especially looking back on it. Watch it here.

I sometimes get a restless feeling in my chest, and I have that feeling right now. It can mean lots of different things, but right now it's linked with wanting to write. This is an unplanned, spontaneous post that I thought of 5 seconds ago. I love the immediacy of blogging - I love the fact that I can write down my thoughts and feelings and feel... cleansed.

I want to do a lot with my life. Seeing people accomplish things that I want to accomplish makes me jealous (I'm a very jealous person, I can't help it, I've learned to live with it) but it also makes me want to do the shit that gets me to where they are.

Louise Pentland met and had tea and cakes (I think) with my favourite author Sophie Kinsella. And all it made me want to do was…

Split | Film Review

Hey Guys x
On Friday (which is slowly becoming my cinema day!) my best friend and I went to see this movie. She told me about it ages ago and we were so excited to see it!
As you can see from the poster above, it's about a guy called Kevin who has 23 distinct personalities. One of these personalities kidnaps three teenagers and keeps them locked in his apartment. When this happens, we get to meet a few of Kevin's personalities and see the difference between them as the girls try desperately to get out. However, as time continues, the girls realise that there is something a lot scarier than any of Kevin's 23 personalities... his 24th - The Beast.
So, I really really enjoyed this movie. As you probably know, I'm a fan of horror, and although I wouldn't call this horror (it certainly wasn't scary) it had horror vibes that I really enjoyed.
I thought the premise of the film was really good. I've seen a few split-personality-based movies and TV shows, and I d…

I'm Scared Of The Gym!

Hey Guys x
Sorry there wasn't a blog post on Friday, I was at the cinema seeing Split. There will be a review tomorrow so come back and see it!
Today, I'm talking about working out! I never thought this post would come because I never thought I'd be the kind of person who regularly exercises, as bad as that sounds!
But on January 1st I made the New Years resolution to start working out, and I've been good with that so far. I now work out at least 4 times a week using a 'FitnessBlender' workout on YouTube.
However, the one thing I've found out about myself through doing this, is that I'm scared of people seeing me work out.
Even at home. I usually save my workouts til between 11pm and 1am so that everyone is asleep by the time I work out so that they won't see me.
And this extends to the gym. If I don't want people at home to see me, it makes sense that I don't want random strangers in a gym to see me.
The thing is, a gym has just opened up …

Avoiding Adulthood!

Hey Guys x

The car in this picture is my dream car, an Audi R8 Coupe, and I thought it would be really appropriate for this post about adulthood.

Since I turned 20 in December, I've been trying to think of myself as an adult.

I'm in university, I do a lot of stuff myself that I wouldn't have done in my teens (booking my own doctors appointments, buying things with my own money etc), and that makes sense, because I'm now an adult.

And yet, I don't see myself as an adult.

To me, adults in their 20's are the people who drive and have 9-to-5 jobs, and are in long-term relationships waiting for the loves of their lives to pop the question... or even are already engaged/married. I don't see myself ever getting there.

Even saying that I'm 20 kind of scares me because, it feels like my life should be so much further along than it is right now.

I guess what I'm saying is that, I don't feel like a 20 year old.

I don't know if that makes sense to anyo…

La La Land | Film Review

Hey Guys x
On Friday, I went to the cinema alone for the first time! I am so proud of myself and I'm definitely going to do it again because it wasn't a bad experience.
But the film that I went to see was La La Land.
I mainly went to see it because of all the awards it's won, the fact that it's probably going to win an Oscar, and the fact that everyone on twitter who's seen it has said how amazing it was, so I had to see it.
It's about a girl called Mia who is an aspiring actress when she meets Sebastian, a jazz pianist. They meet by chance a few times and start up a relationship, in which they bring out the best in each other. Sebastian decides that he wants to open a jazz club, and Mia wants to act, to be taken seriously. But to realise their dreams, the pair have to sacrifice more than they'd ever imagined. But will they ever realise their professional dreams? And will their relationship survive in the process? And I have to add, it's a musical, so…

Why Don't You Make Money Blogging?

Hey Guys x

If I had a pound for every time I'd heard the above question, I'd really never have to even try to make money from blogging!

Forgive me, it's 1.30 am, so this is going to be a late night rant. If I sound pissed off, I'm tired too.

I always say this, but I never started blogging to make money, I don't think most people do. I've never expected to make money from blogging and, to be honest, right now that's not something that I'm trying to do.

But that doesn't stop everyone from asking me about the money that I can make.

At Christmas, when I saw family, whenever blogging was mentioned (and I never mentioned it. One of the cousins saw my Instagram, found the blog, saw I had over 70,000 views and started telling people about it) the only question I was asked was 'do you make money?'

Not 'do you enjoy it' or anything about my blog in particular, they just wanted to know if I got paid for it, and it really annoyed me!

Is it not …

Letter To 22 Year Old Me!

Hey Guys x

As I said in yesterday's post, today's post is a letter to myself in 2 years time.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Dear 22 year old me,

First of all, what are you doing? Uni finishes at 21 so please tell me you have a job, any job. Well, a job that you love would be great, a job that pays well would be even greater, but any job, please.

Who's the celebrity crush? This may seem like nothing, but it means a lot to me, my celebrity crushes get me through a lot. Right now (you probably can't remember) it's Chris Pine, but there's a small flame burning for Tom Holland too so, you never know who it could be in the future!

What was the last film you watched? Please make it be something that I hadn't even heard of in 2017, that would be so cool!

Have you made more friends? In 2017 you were happy with the people in your life, but if this number has increased, that would be amazing.

I have to ask about the love life, in 2017 it's on your mind more often …

Replying To 17 Year Old Me!

Hey Guys x

So, I did a post called 'Letter To My Future Self' some time ago, and just forgot about it. But then I saw that YouTuber Bethan Leadley (Musical Bethan) does a video to her future self every 2 years or so, and I thought that was a really nice idea, so I'm going to do it too.

Tomorrow I'll be putting up a post from me to my 22 year old self, so make sure you see that!

Here is the post from my 17 year old self. I'll be quoting from it in this post.

Anyway, here goes.

To 17 year old Lou, from 20 year old Lou.

First of all, are you still running this blog? Maybe you've bought yourself a domain name and are making money from this crazy hobby, which we both know would be a dream come true.

Yes, I am still running this blog. I haven't even thought about not running it in the last 3 years. No I haven't bought myself a domain name, and to be honest, that would no longer be a dream come true for me. I'm completely happy with my blog and right now, …

Review #50: The Accident by C. L. Taylor

Hey Guys x

Welcome to my first post of 2017!!

I decided to start with a book review because, 2017 is about getting my blog exactly where I want it, and only posting about things that I really want to talk about. I did this in 2016 and want to do it even better this year! And that meant getting back to basics and posting a books review (which I haven't done since August, sorry!)

I held off reviewing this earlier because I gave it to a friend for Christmas and didn't want her to know anything about it (she finished it in a day and loved it), but it's possibly one of the best books I've ever read!

It's about a woman called Sue Jackson, who is distraught when her daughter Charlotte gets hit by a bus and ends up in a coma. But when the driver informs her that Charlotte deliberately tried to end her life, Sue knows that something isn't quite right. In her hurry to discover the mystery surrounding the accident, she has to open the door to a lot of past skeletons tha…