What I Got For My Birthday/Christmas! | 2016

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way me bragging about what I got. Instead, I'm showing you guys how awesome my friends and family are and how grateful I am!

Hey Guys x

Welcome to my annual Birthday/Christmas present post!

I love seeing other people doing these posts, and putting their things on my list for next year! I hope you like seeing the things that I got this year!

Some of the presents I got aren't in these pictures, mainly because they were either clothes, Lush bath bombs or the phone that I took these pictures on!

Birthday Presents

This was a present from my best friend. We had been talking about different TV shows that we watch and she said that she thinks I'd love this, so she got me the first season which was so nice! I haven't started watching it (I'm trying to finish 'The Vampire Diaries' first) but I can't wait!

This box set is a present from my mum. I love this show so much, I've loved it ever since it first came on in like 2008, so I'm so glad that I now have the means to watch it myself whenever I please... after Desperate Housewives of course!

Christmas Presents

I got these gorgeous Ugg boots from my mum! I've had a brown pair for years, and I've worn them so much that they now have a hole in the foot, so I really wanted some new ones and I'm so glad that I got them. These are slightly different than my last ones, and I think I prefer them! I can't wait to actually wear them out!

Also from my mum, I got these Avengers duvet cover. My sister got one too, and as I spent the other day putting 'Avengers' posters all over our bedroom walls, we're officially going to have the coolest room in the world!

Technically, this isn't my present, but I'm claiming it! I bought this for my mum for Christmas, but as we'll be watching all the episodes together (it's our favourite series to watch together) this is as much a present for me as it is for her!

Next up is two movies that I bought for myself! Barbie Rapunzel and Barbie Swan Lake. I got Rapunzel for me and Swan Lake for my sister, but she didn't want Swan Lake so I got to keep it, which I was really happy about because I love it! And yes, I am a 20 year old woman buying herself Barbie movies!

And last but least, another present from my best friend. Funnily enough, we both bought each other books this year! She has the genius idea of getting me Christmas based books for Christmas, and I am so excited to read them! One is 'Miracle on 5th Avenue' by Sarah Morgan, and the other is the uncorrected proof version of 'I heart Christmas' by Lindsay Kelk and I can't wait to start reading!

Thank you for reading.

Comment below what you got for Christmas!

Keep Smiling - Lou xx


  1. I'm such a nosy person, I love these kinds of posts! I really want some Uggs!
    Aleeha xXx


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