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Hey Guys x

(I repeated one of the pictures in the collage and now it's really bugging me, but I only noticed as I was about to upload this post. Please just ignore it)

It's almost the end of 2016, I can't believe this year is done!

I had an amazing year blogging! Although I didn't bog as much this year, I hit amazing milestones and did things that I'm really proud of!

I wrote my 500th post, hit over 70,000 views, started my 'Like A Writer' series and many more things that I'm really glad I did!

I've also had a great time reading other people's blogs, and I definitely will be doing a lot more of this in 2017 because I have not done enough!

I want to reach out to more bloggers, to do more collabs etc, but this isn't a New Years Resolution post, that's coming tomorrow.

In my personal life, I'm also proud that this was the year that I completed my first year of university and began my second, and that's a weird feeling.

This is the year that I turned 20 and felt like I was actually supposed to be an adult.

Also this year, I think I've chosen the career path that I want to go into. Of course this could change, but as of right now, I'm really excited about the idea of producing and directing, and I want to look into this more in the future.

But overall, 2016 has been a great year for my blog, and I really hope that 2017 can be just as great, if not, more so!

Thank you for reading, and for sticking with my blog throughout 2017.

Comment below what you've achieved this year!

Keep Smiling - Lou xx


  1. Congratulations on 500 posts! :) x

  2. Congratulations on 500 posts! I've loved reading all the posts that I've read!
    Aleeha xXx


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