Secret Santa Present Ideas | Blogmas Day 18

Hey Guys x

Whether you work, are at school, or have a lot of family members, it's completely probable that you could be doing secret santa this year.

And everyone knows that Secret Santa presents are sometimes harder to buy because you can have a spending limit, or you might not know the person that you're buying for that well.

So I thought that I'd show you three ideas of things that you can buy for anyone this Christmas on a budget.

I'll put the link for all the products with them - they're all from Amazon. (I'm definitely not sponsored by amazon, but if they want to sponsor me, feel free!)


(Buy this Emoji stationary set from amazon here!)

I think Stationary is a really nice gift because, pens, pencils and pencil cases are things that everyone can use and will always come in handy. These are especially good if you don't know who you're buying for, as they are useful for everyone!

A Candle
(Buy this candle from amazon here!)

I think candles are a really good gift because, who doesn't appreciate a nice-smelling candle? There are so many different scents that you can choose from, and they're quite cheap if you're just buying one or two!


This is the gift that I'd probably like the most. I can never have too many notebooks and I think this is a great secret santa present. Even if you're just writing lists or notes to yourself, having a nice notebook to write in can never be a bad thing!

Thank you for reading!

It's 7 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas day 19!


  1. Really nice ideas there! :) Everybody has room for another notebook :P *huggles* xx

  2. I really want to do secret santa next year so thanks for the ideas!
    Aleeha xXx


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