Life Lessons From Disney Princes!

Hey Guys x

I haven't done a Disney post in ages, and I've really missed doing them!

Carrie Fletcher did a video called 'Disney Princess Lessons' in which she talked about all of the lessons that we learn from the princesses of Disney.

And it was an idea that I really loved and wanted to replicate for my blog.

However, if I did it about Disney Princesses, I would literally be writing exactly what Carrie said, so there would be no point.

So I've decided to do it about Disney Princes! For me, the men of the Disney world are really underrated, with the princesses taking centre stage, which is awesome! But we can't forget about the guys that these girls fall in love with!

The Prince

'The Prince' otherwise known as 'Prince Ferdinand' was the first Disney Prince, falling in love with Snow White towards the end of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. He teaches us that you can fall in love with anyone at any time. Love is subjective, and can happen as soon as you glance upon someone, and then that's it, you're hooked! Just because you haven't been together as long, doesn't mean that your love isn't as strong.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming is one of the most well known princes, and he teaches us many things. First of all, that you have to fight for what you want, no matter what it takes. You can't sit back and let your dreams slip away. But also, that you should never judge anyone. Charming married Cinderella after finding out that she wasn't a princess, and he didn't care, because he loved her anyway.

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip, the prince who fell in love with a princess, believing she was a peasant girl, was told by his father that he couldn't be with her, fought for her, before realising that he was betrothed to her in the first place. What he teaches us is that, when you know something is right, you can't just follow the crowd because it'll keep you under the radar. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to go against society, to fight for what you think is right. Because, whatever the consequences are, at least you'll know that you did the right thing.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric is one of my favourite Disney Princes and he always will be. He teaches us to give people a chance. Even if someone isn't who you'd thought they'd be, or if they're not acting how you thought they would act, don't give up on them. But also, that, even if you get distracted from something/one (maybe by an evil sea witch?) the important thing is to remember that your true feelings are the ones that matter, and the ones that you should trust in. (The film itself also teaches us that manipulation never works, but I think we all knew that anyway!)

Prince Adam

Prince Adam aka The Beast is definitely one of Disney's weirdest princes However, his message for Disney lovers is one of the simplest. He teaches us that it's ok to admit that you've made a mistake. Going back on something that you once believed in doesn't make you weak or a hypocrite, it makes you human.


Aladdin is the only Disney prince that pretended to be a prince before he actually became one! From Aladdin, as with The Beast, we learn from his mistakes. He teaches us not to change who we are to please someone else, because if they were worth it, they'd love us for who we are anyway. And if they don't, then they're clearly not worth it!

John Smith

John Smith is a Disney Prince who was never actually a Disney Prince! However, he's a great role model with a great message, so I'll still include him. He taught us that beauty (within nature, as well as in person) isn't skin deep. Sometimes we have to look into things before we find them beautiful, but that doesn't make them any less breath-taking. In fact, inner beauty is the most important beauty that something can have.

Li Shang

Li Shang, another one that I don't think is technically a prince, but he's a Captain so it still works! Shang teaches us not to underestimate people. Sometimes all someone needs is someone else to believe in them before they can achieve their true potential.

Prince Naveen

Prince Naveen, like The Beast, spent a lot of the movie as something that he's not. So, his lesson is also simple. In life, there may be something that feels like it'll never end. You may be having a tough time at school or at home, you may have endless uncertainty, you may have been turned into a frog! But, in the end, everything will work itself out, because bad situations like that can't and don't last forever.

Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider is another of my absolute favourite Disney guys! Carrie also mentioned him in her video above. Sadly, Flynn teaches us that, eventually, we all have to grow up. However, he also teaches us that, although we may get older, there are some aspects of childhood that we never have to let go of.


Kristoff is the newest Disney Prince who isn't actually a Disney Prince, but he's as good as! He teaches us that it's ok to disagree with your friends decisions. For example, it's ok to tell your friend that they shouldn't marry the guy they met yesterday. But, like a lot of the other Princes, he shows us that true love is something worth fighting for. And that's an important lesson to learn from each of the Disney men.

There are so many other men in the Disney world that we can learn things from, however, because they are not Princes, and did not marry Princesses (such as Tarzan or Peter Pan) I haven't included them. However, I'd love to do this post again with Disney men who aren't princes, so if you'd like to see that, let me know!

Thank you for reading!

Comment below something you've learned from a Disney Prince!

Keep Smiling - Lou xx


  1. This is awesome!!!! Love the connections, and Flynn Rider is definitely my favorite prince, he is so funny and I love how he and Rapunzel confess their love to each other at the end of the movie...... SO SWEET!!!!!!!!! XD

  2. I've never seen a post like this before! This is super cute! Love the thought! X

    Shopping day attire on-

  3. Fab post! I never knew the Beast was called Adam! Flynn Rider (or Eugene) is my favourite Disney Prince for sure!

  4. I loved this post!! Great job. My favourite prince would have to be Aladdin or Eugene/Flynn, what about you?


    1. I am a big fan of both Eric and Flynn! Thank you xx


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