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Hey Guys x

As you can tell, up next we have 'Lady Bird'! I'm writing this the day after I saw it so it's still really fresh in my mind.

Lady Bird is about a girl, in high school, who calls herself Lady Bird. She's from Sacramento, California and will do anything to go to college in New York... or anywhere out of her State. But, like all coming-of-age tales, life doesn't run smoothly. Whether it's an overbearing mother, the mystery that is boys, or falling in with the wrong crowd, will Lady Bird get to live the life that she's always wanted? Or will she be stuck in her small town, on the wrong side of the tracks?

I really really enjoyed this movie.

I love coming-of-age stories, and this is definitely one of the best that I've seen.

There were so many things about this to love, but my favourite has to be the character of Lady Bird (or Christine, as her birth certificate suggests). She is feisty and strong af and passionate and she's a girl who really knows what she wants.
But she's also a teenager. She keeps things from her parents, she makes a few mistakes, she doesn't quite know how to get what she wants.

I had so much fun living in her world for an hour and a half. And as someone who is out of that school to college (uni) phase, I can see so much of myself in the things that Lady Bird wants. But at the same time, I also resonate with the way that we differ - for example, she wanted to be really far away from home while I wanted to be close. But I get it, and that's what made the film to interesting to me.

The film has an amazing cast. I mean, Saoirse Ronan is amazing in her own right, but every other character was integral to her character's coming of age, and each part was played so amazingly. Without all of them, the film wouldn't have been what it was.

There has to be a special mention for the relationship that Lady Bird has with her mum. It's so unique and yet I found that I could completely relate to it. In films, you either have kids with no parents, kids with living but virtually non-existent parents, or kids with really good relationships with their parents. So it was really nice to see a child with two parents, who has a turbulent relationship with one of them for no other reason than the fact that they're strong characters. I found that really refreshing and think that parent-child relationships should be explored a lot more in films, because that relationship is so unique.

But overall, I'd definitely recommend this film. In terms of the Oscars, I don't know if it'll win anything, but since when have they been a measure of good/bad films? It's a really interesting film to watch, and it'll make you think about your own coming-of-age.

Lou xx


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