Turning Into A Film Blogger?

Hey Guys x

This is something that I've been thinking a bit about lately.

I've never been the person to put my blog into a category, or to limit myself into only posting about a specific thing. When I started blogging, there were lots of directions that I wanted my blog to take, so I posted about anything I wanted to.

And this isn't something that I've consciously decided to stop doing. It's just that, as things get busier (I have only a month and a bit left until I technically finish third year of uni, in terms of lessons. Then in May, everything is over) I find less stuff that I want to post about. In a way, it's like I only want to spend time posting if I can justify writing that post over reading a book for uni.

But movies are my biggest passion. And so, movie reviews are the one thing that I make time to write no matter what.

So if you look at my most recent posts (including my 'Blogmas' posts), you'll see that most of them have been movie reviews.

And I love this. I love the fact that my blog has become centred on my biggest passion.

But then I think that maybe I should re-brand my blog into a movie-based blog. Since it's what I write about the most, it might make sense.

Every time I think about it, I worry though. There was a reason that I never wanted to fit my blog into a box in the first place, and that was because I didn't want to force myself to post about something just to fit into that group. Which I know I wouldn't have to do, but personally I'd feel like I should.

I guess this post is just a way to throw all of my thoughts about my blog into the void, or onto the people that are reading this post.

But then I think about what it means to re-brand.

I mean, changing my design would be a given (and to be honest I kind of want to change it anyway. If I could do it easily I would have done it already, but remembering how long it took me last time, I need to set out some time to do it properly), but what else? Would I have to change my blog name? My 'About' section? Would I have to make every post movie-based?

It's a lot to think about!

Have you ever re-branded your blog? What made you do it?

Lou xx


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