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Hey Guys x

I read this book ages ago, and I was anxiously awaiting the release of the film. Mostly, I wanted to see how true they kept certain events. In addition to that, the way that certain things in the book were described made them so vivid, that I thought it would be interesting to see the interpretation of those things in the book.

So, this film is about a girl called Maddie. Maddie has a condition that means that, if she leaves her house, she could easily die. Because of this, she hasn't left the house for 18 years, and doesn't know what it feels like to be free. To feel fresh air, or to go to the beach. But she didn't complain or try to rebel against this, because her mother (a doctor) knew what was best for her. Until she meets her new next door neighbour, Olly. As the two talk, connect and start to fall for each other (through emails, texts and hand-to-glass communication) Maddie realises that Olly might be worth rebelling for, worth going outside for. Worth risking absolutely everything for.

This is an unconventional love story, and I really loved and still love the idea of it, mainly due to Nicola Yoon's amazing writing!

However, for me, there were some problems with the film. And that was mainly due to how short it was. 

I obviously knew that they wouldn't be able to include absolutely everything (everything) from book, but I just felt like everything (everything) happened really quickly. I didn't get a chance to really decide whether or not I wanted Maddie and Olly to be a couple because they were falling for each other before even I knew what was happening.

I also feel like the mum in the book was portrayed differently in the film. I can't spoil anything, but the mum in the film was more innocent. I found myself really feeling sorry for her, which was weird considering how different it was in the book.

However, I'm so freaking happy that they stayed in keeping with the book, in terms of having a black (or half black) protagonist, and a black mother. It's not often that films get a POC main character, so that was another reason why I was really excited for this film, and I hope that other films follow suit in the future!

But overall, it was an enjoyable film. It's an easy watch and I'd really encourage everyone to watch it. But even if you just read the book, that would be enough, because the story in and of itself if something special.

Lou xx


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