Feeling Good!

Hey Guys x

So... I'm back!

I've been a bit busy lately, and took an unintentional break. But even before that, this whole year I've not really been on top of the blogging thing. And I'm not apologising for it, because I don't regret occasionally having other things to focus on. But I'm now trying to get back on it, and I thought that the beginning of September would be a good place to start.

'Feeling Good' is the title of this post, mainly because I actually am feeling good. And I want to capture this feeling and read over this post when I'm not feeling my best, which is like 90% of my life!

But honestly, I don't remember the last time I've felt so good.

I've been focusing on writing, reading, making and self-care, and it's so good!

In terms of writing, that's all about my fanfics at the moment. Not being at uni has given me the time to discover what it is about writing that I love. When you're forced to do something, you can end up hating it. With the last two years at uni, I've been feeling that. I didn't want to write because every time I wrote, it was getting read by strangers and judged.

Which sounds weird considering that fanfic is basically that. However, with fanfiction, your readers are people that are already familiar with the world that you're co-creating and changing, which is great! So I've been focusing on that, and have managed to make such progress. I can't remember the last time I felt this passionate about a project, let alone something that I'm writing!

Then comes the reading. I've had to bite the bullet and get into my uni reading, so that I don't fall behind when I eventually start in October. So the first book I'm reading is for my 'European Cities' module and surprisingly, it's not as bad as I thought!

The 'making' side of life is something that I can't talk about at the moment. But exciting things this way come - hopefully when things become finalised I'll be able to talk about it and actually get excited!

In terms of self-care, for me it could be as much as regular exercise/drinking water and as little as self-affirmations and saying good things to myself. As weird as it sounds, it really does work!

So yeah, I'm feeling great, and I'm getting back into blogging!

How are you feeling? Tell me in the comments!

Lou xx


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling good and have the time to focus on you!



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