Tinder Tips For Guys!

Hey Guys x

So I've mentioned this before, but I am (still) on tinder! It's really fun!

But the one thing that I've noticed the most, obviously, is the guys profiles. More importantly, what guys think gets girls!

Obviously I'm addressing this solely to guys because I don't see girls pictures on tinder ever, so I have no idea what girls do with their tinder profiles and I really don't have the desire to find out!

It is amazing how many tinder bios and pics I've seen that just automatically make me swipe left and erase them from my memory!

But I thought, rather than just laugh at them, I'd give some advice. Because guys need to know what doesn't work if they hope to actually find love on this site! I know a lot don't, but there are some that do.

Also, these are things that are personal to me (and I've been told I'm quite picky!). I'm sure most girls would love a dog in a profile picture, but it just doesn't work for me!

Speaking of which, let's cover that now...

Profile Picture
Group photos are my first gripe. It's great that you have friends (or you want people to think that you have friends) but I need to know who you are. If every picture is you with the same group of guys, how am I supposed to know who I'm swiping on?

Then there's the dogs, and other assortments of pets. Some girls, most girls I think, will probably really like a guy who has pets. Not me. I'm not an animal person. Never have been, never will be. I've never swiped right on a guy who has a pet in their profile picture and I probably never will, no matter how hot they are!

Shirtless pics. There's nothing that I hate more than a guy who just wants you to think that he's buff. I mean, fair enough if you're just after sex, that doesn't bother me in the slightest. But if you're looking to talk, or even for a relationship in the future, put the pecks away!

Posting with babies. Now, if you're actually a parent to the child, fair enough. But it is so obvious when people only have kids in their pictures to entice girls.
But still, if you do this, please put in your bio that the child isn't yours. If you don't, I have no choice but to believe that it's your child. I'm 20, my name, at this point in my life, will never be 'stepmummy'

One last thing about profile pictures - no profile picture. Tinder gives every user the opportunity to put up to 5 pictures on their profile. So what is the excuse for not having a picture? What is the excuse for only having one picture? When you're on a site where people choose to talk to you (mostly) based on your looks, give them something to choose between!

I'm going to do a blog post exposing the funniest tinder bios I've ever seen, but for now, I'll just say how I would fix them.

First of all, not having a bio. Like having no profile picture, it's lazy and there's really no need for it. You have the opportunity to tell someone a bit more about yourself, take it! And no, 'message me to find out more' does not count!

Plugging social media on tinder, for me, is just something I don't like. I'm trying to find out about you, not the perfect life that you portray on Insta.

And then there's the 'Don't swipe right if...' guys. I hate this! 'Don't swipe right if you're boring', 'Don't swipe right if you can't hold a conversation', 'Don't swipe right if you won't reply' - who do you actually think you are? If I swipe right or left on you, it is solely my decision. And if you tell me not to swipe right, for ANY reason, you've got your wish, because I won't!

So, say we've gotten to the stage where we've both swiped right on each other, you did everything right and now we have to start a conversation.

Now, this is just me, but I never message first. I guess I have a bit of shyness and traditionalist in me, as well as me always assuming that you swiped right by accident. So if you also never start the convo, we'll just never talk.

But say you do start the convo. Don't start with anything sexual. If you're just looking for sex, that's fine. You're not for me. If you want to talk, but you send me something sexual, you will never get a reply.

A lot of girls don't like the 'Hi' beginning. It's not my favourite thing in the world, but it definitely ensures that you'll get a message back from me. A 'hi'. So take that as you will.

My favourites have been people who read my bio and use that as a jumping off point. For instance, one guy (who I first spoke to a month ago and still talk to) opened up the conversation by, seeing the word 'Marvel' in my bio and asking my if I'd seen Logan yet (I hadn't, and still haven't) but I loved that because right away, we were in conversation and it was great!

I'm also a fan of the cheesy pick-up line. If in doubt, aim to make the girl laugh. You can't go wrong if she thinks you're funny!

Anyway, that's just a few tips. I'm sure I have more up my sleeve if you liked this post!

Do you agree or disagree with something I've said? Let me know in the comments!

Lou xx


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