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Hey Guys x

On Friday (which is slowly becoming my cinema day!) my best friend and I went to see this movie. She told me about it ages ago and we were so excited to see it!

As you can see from the poster above, it's about a guy called Kevin who has 23 distinct personalities. One of these personalities kidnaps three teenagers and keeps them locked in his apartment. When this happens, we get to meet a few of Kevin's personalities and see the difference between them as the girls try desperately to get out. However, as time continues, the girls realise that there is something a lot scarier than any of Kevin's 23 personalities... his 24th - The Beast.

So, I really really enjoyed this movie. As you probably know, I'm a fan of horror, and although I wouldn't call this horror (it certainly wasn't scary) it had horror vibes that I really enjoyed.

I thought the premise of the film was really good. I've seen a few split-personality-based movies and TV shows, and I definitely think that this was one of the best (It doesn't beat Psycho or Primal Fear) that I've seen. And, as a sub-sub genre, I think split personality movies can be done really well. This one was.

James McAvoy is incredible in this film. He plays all the personalities so well and you really believe that he is every personality that he plays... they almost look like different people, I have no idea how he does it! But if it was a different actor, it might not have worked in the way that it did.

I think the three girls that he kidnapped were really good actresses too - I'd seen two of them in other movies and they were great, so I think the casting director did a really good job when casting because there wasn't one moment when I thought that they weren't really in these situations.

Something that I really think this film benefitted from is the injection of humour. There were just so many moments when the whole cinema was laughing because it was genuinely funny, rather than a comedy that was trying to be funny. I think it was more funny because it was a thriller, I didn't expect it to be so funny, it really made me love the film more.

However, I do have to say that, I feel like the film was ruined by the ending. I'm trying hard not to give anything away, but the ending referenced another of the director's films that I hadn't seen, so it was completely lost on me. If I'd seen the film, I think it would have been a really good ending, but I didn't, so it wasn't.

But overall, it was a really great film that I'd definitely recommend to everyone over 15!

Thank you for reading.

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Lou xx


  1. Hmmm. I like the sound of this film however by what you said about the ending, I'm not sure! I might give it a watch one afternoon though; it sounds pretty interesting. Thank you for sharing! So sorry I haven't been commenting but I can assure you I have been reading your posts :) I love your blog so much!
    Lauren xx

    1. Thank you so much Lauren. I definitely think you should watch it xx

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