Letter To 22 Year Old Me!

Hey Guys x

As I said in yesterday's post, today's post is a letter to myself in 2 years time.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Dear 22 year old me,

First of all, what are you doing? Uni finishes at 21 so please tell me you have a job, any job. Well, a job that you love would be great, a job that pays well would be even greater, but any job, please.

Who's the celebrity crush? This may seem like nothing, but it means a lot to me, my celebrity crushes get me through a lot. Right now (you probably can't remember) it's Chris Pine, but there's a small flame burning for Tom Holland too so, you never know who it could be in the future!

What was the last film you watched? Please make it be something that I hadn't even heard of in 2017, that would be so cool!

Have you made more friends? In 2017 you were happy with the people in your life, but if this number has increased, that would be amazing.

I have to ask about the love life, in 2017 it's on your mind more often than not. Have you had a relationship? Don't beat yourself up if not, it'll happen. Do you have a crush? That would be fun to know!

As for this blog, are you still running it? I know it's hard sometimes, especially if, like me, you've just done a variation of Blogmas. But please go back to it, even if it's just to write the response to this post and no one else is reading. At 22, this will be your 5th year of blogging, that's a huge milestone! Have you bought a domain name? Probably not but you never know!

Is wattpad still in your life? It seems far-fetched for a 22 year old to write fanfictions, but at 20, you're currently writing one and have big plans for the next. And it's fun, so much fun!

Did you graduate? Hopefully you did or my last year and a half was a waste! What did you get? If you don't want to share that on the blog you don't have to, but it would be great if you got something that you were proud of.

In 2017 you started working out. I know, it's crazy right? Did you continue? Maybe you've gotten over your fear of gyms, or maybe you still have to wait until everyone falls asleep and work out at 1am, but I hope it continues.

How are you health-wise? All good? I'm definitely not going into it too much, but in 2016 there was a problem or two, are they sorted?

Where are you replying to this from? Home? A Coffee shop? Your own place? Work? Some far-away holiday destination? Wherever it is, what are you doing there? What have you done today?

Have you found happiness? With whatever you're doing and whoever you are, do you have a reason to smile. Any reason at all?

Here's your chance to tell me anything that I didn't ask about. Brag about your life, tell me the positives and negatives! Because 2017 me wants to know everything!

Thank you for reading

What would you say to your future self?

Lou xx


  1. That's actually such a great idea! I've done a similar thing, I've written a letter to myself that I want to read out if I feel I've reached the right point.


  2. Love this post, such an original idea and something exciting to look back on. Gemma xx



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