Shopping For Gifts On A Budget | Blogmas Day 13

Happy Blogmas day 13 guys!

Christmas is an expensive time of year, the only way to get around that would be to not buy presents, or to make presents yourself, both of which a lot of people do.

But if you like to actually buy things for people, I just thought I'd note down a few places that you can go where you can buy things that aren't expensive, but still really nice.

This is my default, for sure. When I'm shopping for Christmas presents, amazon is always the first place that I go to because I know that I'll be able to find something nice without it being expensive. Even if the thing that you have your heart set on buying is expensive, there are always cheaper versions that you can get if you look at the third-party sellers. The item will probably be used, but they're mostly in good condition, and still make a great gift!

I love Etsy so much for personalised things. It's better than Amazon in this sense because the website is full of people who own small businesses. I for one love to help people out when it comes to things like this, and everyone knows that Christmas is the time to start making the best stuff, because it's when everyone wants to buy things. Some of the stuff on there is of such a high quality for such a good price that you'd be silly not to check it out!

The Range
This shop is great, particularly for homeware. It has such pretty things at such an affordable rate. I don't know how many of these stores there are, but the one I go to is in the Surrey Quays shopping centre. If you have one near you, or you know of one, go and check it out, because the stuff in there really is worth it.

Any Clothing Store
I don't usually buy clothes for people, because it can be awkward if you don't know their exact size or something. However, one thing that I have learned is that, in these clothing stores, you have the opportunity to buy really inexpensive jewellery. These stores always have counters of charm bracelets and really dainty necklaces and rings that are so much cheaper than if you were to actually go to a jewellery store. They'd definitely make a nice present for the person that you're only buying a present for because you feel obligated - we all have those people!

This is definitely for a particular type of person. In society these days, we're getting to the stage where DVDs and CDs are becoming obsolete. However, if you know someone who still has a love for these things, there is a relatively cheap idea that they'll love. I know that, for me, I will never stop watching DVDs because I love them, and they'll always be more reliable than streaming services. So getting me a DVD would be a great present, and it would be cheap because not a lot of people really buy them that much anymore. Overall, a great idea!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

It's 12 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 14!


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