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Happy Blogmas day 20 guys!

It seems really weird to be talking about Halloween in the middle of Blogmas, especially so close to Christmas! But I really wanted to talk about this film so that's what I'm gonna do!

This is quite an old film, 1978, so you've probably already heard of it and seen it, if you wanted to. I waited such a long time to see it, and had such low expectations.

The film begins through the eyes of 6-year-old Michael Myers. It shows him on Halloween, as he watches his sister and her boyfriend hang out, waits for the boyfriend to leave, and brutally murders his sister. He's locked up for 15 years. However, he manages to escape and makes his way back to his home-town. In his home town lives a high school student called Laurie Strode. She and her friends become Michael's latest targets.

I really really enjoyed this film!

You have to take into account when it was made. It's not gonna have the production value of the Conjuring, it's not gonna have special effects or anything like that, and it really doesn't need them.

So yes, when you're watching the movie, you can tell that it was made in the 70s, but that doesn't take away from how good it is! I really didn't think I'd like it just because it's really old, but I wanted to give it a chance, and I'm so glad I did.

I love the slasher genre anyway, so that excited me.

Even though most of the things that happened were completely predictable, they worked really well with the film.

Michael Myers is a great villain because you know from the get-go that he's insane. There's no ulterior motive, there's no huge secret revenge plot or anything, he just wants to kill. That makes the stakes so high because, not only are you not wondering who the killer is, but you know that there's no limit to who he'd kill.

Overall, if you're looking for quite a tame (but still very enjoyable) horror film to watch, give this a shot! I'm telling you that it's good, you won't regret it. And it's definitely not scary enough to actually scare you!

It's 5 (!) days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 21!


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