Love, Rosie | Blogmas Day 16

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It's Blogmas Day 16!

Today's review is a lot more lighthearted than the previous one that I did, which was about 'Foxcatcher' - and it's definitely one that you can watch at Christmas time even though it's not a Christmas movie.

It's about best friends Rosie and Alex. They've been best friends for as long as they can remember, and they've never wanted to be anything more. That is, until they kiss at Rosie's 18th birthday party and Alex begins to develop feelings. However, over their many years of friendship, Alex and Rosie go through many separate things, things that keep them apart. But are the two meant to be together? Or is their epic friendship just a friendship for a reason?

I didn't expect to really have any feelings one way or another about this film. I thought I might like it just on the basis that it's a romantic comedy based on a book by Cecelia Ahern, whose books I really like. However, I thought it would be just something lighthearted that I could watch while also doing something else.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.

It was such an interesting film that dealt with a lot of different issues (that I won't mention because I don't want to give anything away) in a great way.

The two main characters, Rosie in particular, were characters that I really rooted for. I wasn't necessarily hoping for them to be together, but I wanted both of them to succeed and prosper in their separate lives. I wanted them to be happy, even if it meant that they couldn't be together.

It wasn't your average rom-com, and I really liked that about it.

Usually with rom-coms, you know for sure that the couple will eventually get together, and that's great because the film is nice and predictable. However, for this one, I didn't really feel like that. I didn't know if they were going to end up together, and I could completely understand the reasons why they might not.

Overall, this is definitely a film that you should check out. I heard such good things about it before I actually watched it and all of the good things that I heard were completely true - it's a great film. And now all I need is to read the book that it was based on!

It's 9 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas day 17!


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