Not Defining Myself!

Hey Guys x

Today I want to talk about what I define myself as.

Up until the last, maybe, 6 months, I've defined myself with words. Literally. I defined myself as being a writer. Writing was what I did. I write a blog, I write fanfics, I write myself into my favourite TV shows (I actually do this. My character in The Vampire Diaries has a great sub-plot!) and that was it, I was a writer.

But as I discover more and more about myself, I've found that I can be defined in a lot of different ways.

First of all, I've found a love of film.

Through that, I've realised that writing is not the only thing that I aspire to do in the future. For one, I want to be heavily involved in the filmmaking process, maybe by being a director or producer.

But then again, I could also define myself by the music I listen to. Or what I wear, or what I eat, or what I watch.

And when I took a step back, I asked myself, 'why are you putting yourself in a box?'

And this is true. Why do I have to find a way to define myself?

This just felt so freeing.

I always thought that writing would be the only thing that would ever define me. I would be a writer, and that's it. When people looked at me, they'd see the stuff I wrote and nothing about me as a person.

But that's completely crazy!

I mean, even from writing this blog, I bet you guys don't just think of me as the words on the page. You know that I love books and movies, and that I'm passionate about the things that I write about, but that doesn't make me nothing but words.

So I wondered, do you guys define yourselves as anything? Or like me, are you choosing not to?

Thank you for reading.

Comment below whether or not you define yourself!

Lou xx


  1. I think it's a great thing not to define yourself, it leaves you free to try new things.


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