June Favourites | 2017

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So, I'm a little late because it's July tomorrow, but I still have a day left in June, so I'm putting this post up today.

Surprisingly, it was really easy to pick things for this month. I guess I've just been enjoying things a lot more and have been able to find things that I love.

Anyway, let's get into the favourites!

Favourite Movie: Passengers
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There were a lot of movies that I had to choose between this month. Some honourable mentions are 'Shutter Island', 'Gifted' and 'Now You See Me', all of which either have or will get separate reviews, as this film will. But there was something about Passengers that I really loved. Especially because a lot of people seemed not to love it. I'll do more in my review of it, but please give this film a chance if you haven't seen it.

Favourite TV Show: The Originals
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This is a TV show that is a spin-off of 'The Vampire Diaries'. You don't have to watch TVD to watch this, but I definitely think it will help. Plus it's really interesting to see the differences between the characters when they're 'guests' or 'recurring' versus when they're the stars of the show. The show follows Originals vampires Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah as they try to take their city, New Orleans, back from Klaus's protégé Marcel. Oh yeah, and there is the issue of little wolf Hayley. Just what connection does she have to these vamps?
A dark but very interesting show that I would completely recommend to everyone.

Favourite Song; The Beauty of the Dark

This is a song from the first season of the Vampire Diaries (which I've just started re-watching). It is such a beautiful song that I definitely wouldn't have heard if I didn't watch the show. I can't stop listening to it though, I just love to play it loud and only think about the lyrics. It's that type of song that pulls you in and, kind of leaves you in a trance. And the only way to get out of that trance is to listen to it over and over and over again. It's amazing!

Favourite YouTuber: Louise Pentland
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I know she was my favourite last month, but this month it's with exceptionally good reason. One, look how hot she looks on the cover of blogosphere magazine! Two, her book was published yesterday and I already have my copy and can't wait to start reading. And three, she's announced that she's freaking PREGNANT! I am so incredibly happy for her and can't wait to continue with her on this amazing journey that her life is taking.

Favourite Game: Monopoly Ultimate Banking
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I think that this is the best idea for a game of monopoly ever! What it is is basically, rather than the normal monopoly where you have loads of money floating around, and a banker who deals out said money (which always gets lost or ripped or stolen by the other players!) this game just uses a debit card. Not a real debit card, an in-game one, with a card machine. It is so easy to use and makes the game take ten times quicker. Every purchase or sale is registered on your card, no one can cheat or steal any money, and the game ends when a player is bankrupt and has no houses to sell. Honestly, if you need a board game to play but have been a bit tired of the usual ones, get this one!

Favourite Music Artist: Ariana Grande
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The 'One Love' Manchester concert was this month, and Ariana did an astounding job. There was just like this huge moment of pride, watching this girl that started out on Nickelodeon and is now doing all of these amazing things and making a huge name for herself. The concert itself and everyone who performed was amazing, but as it's Ari's concert, she deserves this special shoutout.

Favourite Actor: Joseph Morgan
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This is less of a 'I'm in love with him' obsession and more of a deep respect. Joseph Morgan plays Klaus on TVD and The Originals, and I just think that he's an amazing actor. The character of Klaus has so many layers to him, every time he's on screen you find out something new, and Joseph plays this so perfectly. I'm only on season 2 of TO, but I can't wait to see how Joseph manages to evolve Klaus's character even more!

Favourite YouTube Video: Telling Friends I'm Pregnant

As you might be able to tell, this is a video by Louise Pentland where she tells some of her friends that she's pregnant. It is so interesting to see the different reactions of her friends, and to see how excited she is herself about this amazing news!

Thank you for reading!

Comment below some of your own favourites from this month!

Lou xx


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