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Goodbye 2015!

Hey Guys x

When I was putting together this collage, it was so weird to look back at the year and see all the different things that I posted about.

I baked, I wrote, I reviewed, I just overall had an awesome time!

I think some of my blogging highlights will definitely be my first blogiversary, when I interviewed Helen Bailey, one of my favourite authors, Blogmas, and just chatting to loads of you guys in general!

My most viewed post of the year is called 'Louise Pentland Inspires Me', and people still view it so much now even though it was written nearly a year ago which is completely crazy! If you haven't seen it, you can view it here, but it's about a youtuber, called Louise, also known as 'Sprinkle of Glitter', and how she just inspires me and gives me confidence etc, and I really enjoyed writing it so I'm glad that people are still enjoying reading it!

I have some resolutions for the next year, as most people do. But they're literally all the same …


Hey Guys x

So, on 12th December this year (also my birthday coincidentally), I hit 40,000 views.

And I can't believe it, I really can't.

40,000 is such a high number and it means so much to me to be able to say that I've hit that number, and acquired over 2,000 more views since then, so in just over two weeks!

So I thought I'd talk about what's changed between 20-30,000 views and now.

When I hit 20,000, I talked about my stats, which you can see here, and looking at the differences now is unbelievable!

As well as having 40,000+ views, I now have 161 Bloglovin followers (you can follow me by clicking here), and over 1,900 comments! That's incredible!

I have also joined instagram, which I never thought I would do (you can follow me by clicking here), and I already have 18 followers, which is awesome! Thank you so much if you already follow me!

And none of this would be possible without you reading, commenting and following, so thank you so much for doing one or …

December Favourites! | 2015

Hey Guys x

It's the best time of the month, the time when I tell you guys all the things that I've been completely loving this month!

I love reading these posts too, because it gives me inspiration for next month's favourites! So if you've written a December favourites post, comment your link below so I can read it!

I hope you enjoy seeing what I've been loving in December!

Favourite Movie: Clown

If you didn't see yesterday's post, I got this film as a Christmas present from my mum, and we watched it literally the day after because both me and my sister thought it sounded really cool! It's basically about a man who puts on a clown costume (that he found in an empty house that he was selling - he's a realtor/estate agent) for his son's birthday party. However, when the party is over, he discovers that he can't get the costume off. But the longer he wears it, the more he feels himself changing. And the more hungry he gets...
If you're a fan…

What I Got For My Birthday/Christmas!

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way me bragging about what I got. Instead, I'm showing you guys how awesome my friends and family are and how grateful I am!

Hey Guys x

This year, I decided to do both my birthday and Christmas presents in one post, which I haven't done before, so it looks like I got a massive amount of presents in one sitting, which I didn't!

Also, sorry to any of my friends reading if I forgot your present. I've had these things all over my house and couldn't remember if I'd picked up everything or not, but that doesn't mean that I'm not grateful!

I love seeing these posts from other people, maybe because I'm a bit nosey! So I hope that you like seeing what I received too!

Birthday Presents

This first present is something that I actually bought for myself! The Vampire diaries season 1-6. The week before my birthday, I asked both of my parents if they were going to get it for me, as it was something that I really wanted. When they said…

It's Christmas!

Hey Guys x

This is just a really quick post, not up at my usual time or anything.

I just wanted to wish every single person reading the best Christmas ever!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope that today is an amazing day for you. I hope you spend time with your family, have loads to eat, and smile so much that your face hurts!

I basically have nothing more to say, and I hate leaving a post so short. However, I'm banking on the fact that no one is actually reading this post on Christmas day because you're having fun with family and friends, but if you are, comment and let me know. I would love it if you were reading this on Christmas day.

I hope you get everything you want and need!

So merry Christmas from me, for the final time today!

If you're reading this after Christmas day, let me know how your day went!

Lou xx

Blogmas Day 24: December Memories!

Hey Guys x

I can't believe that Blogmas has basically come to an end, it feels like it's gone by in such a blur!

I've completely loved doing Blogmas this year, maybe even more than I did last year!

Thanks so much for reading my Blogmas posts, commenting, collaborating with me and just generally being amazing! You guys made Blogmas awesome!

So, for the last post before Christmas, I'm going to remember December, in the form of a Picture post!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed December as much as I did.

Thanks also for sticking with me throughout Blogmas, I couldn't have done it without you!

It's Christmas tomorrow! Have an amazing day!

Lou xx