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November Favourites! | 2015

Hey Guys x

This is the last post that I'm writing until Blogmas, and I'm really excited to finally get into the Christmas period!

But first, I need to let you guys know what things I've been loving this month!

This is one of my favourite 'Favourites' posts this year, because November was a great month, particularly for music!

Let me know what some of your Favourites are this month!

Favourite Movie: Orphan

As a horror enthusiast, I've seen this film before. However, I watched it this week with a friend who had never seen it before, and fell in love with it all over again! I love it because it's a horror film that isn't that scary, so I can watch it with anyone and they'll probably enjoy it, especially because it's got such a good  twist!

Favourite TV Show: Modern Family

The new series of this has started! We're currently a few episodes in (in the UK) and I am loving it! It's better and funnier than ever and I would encourage anyone to watch…

DVD Cabinet Tour | F + G

Hey Guys x

I wasn't going to post (apart from a 'Favourites' post) until Blogmas, which is next week. But I realised that I probably won't be able to do another one of these until the new year, so I thought that I'd just do one more, because I love doing them so much, before Blogmas starts!

I'm assuming you know how this works by now, but if not, I'm showcasing the DVDs in alphabetical order that I have (because I kind of collect them) and giving a mini-review of all the ones I've seen, so that I can either recommend them to you or tell you to stay far away from them!

If you've seen any that I'm mentioning, let me know in the comments!

Family Guy

I'm a huge fan of Family Guy, and have probably seen every episode, so it's not surprising that this ended up in the cabinet! It's an animated, politically incorrect comedy show that will have you laughing for hours!

The Family That Preys

I can't really remember what this film is about, b…


Hey Guys x

I'm really sorry that I haven't posted in a week, I've had a lot going on, including essays and a hospital visit that I won't get into right now!

This year, blogging has been... weird. Especially recently, I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I wanted to be, and I haven't had as many ideas.

Because of this, I didn't think I was going to do Blogmas, so I waited until the last minute to make this decision.

But, because I have been shockingly awful with posting, particularly in the last two months or so, I am going to do Blogmas.

I want to commit to posting every day, but I don't want to promise that I will, and then not. So I promise that there will be 24 Blogmas posts, on Lou's World, within the month of December. I will try my hardest to post every day, but if I can't, I'll still put up all the posts.

Like last year, all of my Blogmas posts will be posts that relate to Christmas in one way or another, and I'm really exc…

The Sweater Weather Tag!

Hey Guys x

I was tagged by the lovely Chloe (aka Professional Daydreamer) to do the sweater weather tag, and I'm really glad because this is a great post to do at this time of year!

I tag anyone who wants to do this, it's a great tag!

Favourite Candle Scent?
I'm not really a candle person. This candle loving thing kind of just happened and left me behind, so I'm not really sure. However, I love Christmas themed candles, like gingerbread etc.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

Hot chocolate all the way, I love having hot chocolate in the winter, it's just the best thing at the best time of year!

Which make-up trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
Dark lips without a doubt, not just for me personally but on other people. For me, you can wear winged eyeliner at any time of year and look good, but dark lips (like a plum colour) are gorgeous for this time of year. Plus I haven't really mastered how to do winged eyeliner (or any eyeliner) yet, so definitely li…

Don't Judge A Book...

Hey Guys x

Before I say anything else, I know that I have a few viewers who live in a variety of countries including France, so I just want to tell you all to stay safe, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who's been affected this past weekend by the different heart-breaking events taking place around the globe.

One of my favourite quotes is 'Don't judge a book by it's cover', and I feel like this is especially fitting in today's society.

Nowadays, it's really easy and common for people to judge other people, made easier by social media and the fact that anyone can upload their whole lives to the internet in 3.5 seconds.

And it really unnerves me. Under a profile, someone can say whatever they want about whoever they want.

Like, for me, I have opinions about people, of course I do, everyone does. But I can't imagine myself ever going on the internet and voicing all of the different opinions that I have.

It's funny, when I watch someone o…

Travel Goals!

Hey Guys x

I've never been a huge traveller. I've been to a few places, either on family holidays or on school trips, but there are a few places that I've never been to, that I really want to visit!

Let me know if you've been to any of these places!


Since I was really young, I've been obsessed with the romance of Paris. I mean, who doesn't want to be proposed to on the top of the Eiffel Tower? It's about the most romantic thing that I can think of. And Paris is somewhere that I've never been, so I'd really love to see the sights that everyone talks about!

New York

I have seen so many things pointing to New York recently, and now I really want to go! For me, I feel like, if I didn't live in London, I could live in New York, and that really attracts me! Plus, Carrie Bradshaw lived there. That is enough for me!


My dad goes to Dubai all the time, and I have never been that interested. Until I saw Mission Impossible 4, when they went to Duba…

My Favourite TV Shows!

Hey Guys x

I watch a lot of TV, I'll admit it. I love sitcoms and I spend a lot of my life invested in characters that have been made up purely for the enjoyment of the audience.

So I want to show you the TV shows that I watch, and see if any of you watch them too!

Let me know what your favourite shows are in the comments!

Impractical Jokers

I wrote about this show in my last Favourites post (here) and I am still loving it! It's about four high school friends who dare each other to do the most crazy, ridiculous things! For me, it's definitely the funniest show on TV right now because everything is real. The reactions of the public and the guys themselves are priceless! This is one to binge-watch!


I don't know whether or not this is classed as a sitcom, but it's hilarious! It's about a guy called Shawn Spencer who, with the help of his dad and best friend, has convinced a police department that he is a psychic. It is such a funny show because Shawn is a 5 ye…

DVD Cabinet Tour | D + E

Hey Guys x

I haven't done one of these in over a month (because I had a break from blogging) and I really missed doing it!
For those who don't know, I have a huge cabinet full of DVDs, so I thought it would be fun to show you guys the movies that I do have, and do a mini-review of the ones that I've seen!

Let me know if you've seen any of them!

Daddy's Little Girls

 This is such a nice film! It's about a man (Played by Idris Elba) who is a father of three, and wants to get full custody of the children, against their mother who spends time with drug dealers and isn't the best role model. Along the way he meets Julia, a kick-ass lawyer who takes on his case. It's a great film, about how hard it is for a father to gain sole custody of his children, and I think it's worth a watch! David Blaine - Mystifier I'm not a huge fan of magic, so this doesn't really appeal to me. However, it's a documentary about David Blaine, who is a magician, and th…