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5 Movies To Watch Via Netflix This Halloween!

Hey Guys! Happy Halloween!

Are you stuck for what to watch on the spookiest day of the year? Well look no further, because I've comprised a list of some of my favourite horror movies to watch!

Also, I have to point out that, as I only have access to Netflix UK, that's where the movies are. I'm sorry if they're not available wherever you are!

In no particular order...


A deaf woman who lives alone finds herself trapped in her house when a masked man begins to terrorise her from the outside.

A simple premise, and yet so effective. As well as being deaf, Maddie is extremely resourceful, which twists the usual 'slasher' type story into a game of cat-and-mouse. The perfect movie if you want to experience excellent film-making without being scared out of your mind. Because yes, as scary as this film is from Maddie's point of view, you'll definitely be able to sleep at night after seeing it.


When their usual babysitter cancels, two parents are more th…

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again | Film Review

Hey Guys x

I know that this came out ages ago, but I didn't get to see it until recently, so I thought I'd throw my metaphorical voice into the fray of reviews for this movie and give you my take on it.

The first movie, as you may know, is about a girl called Sophie who is getting married, and invites the three men who could be her father to her wedding.

This movie takes place in two different timelines. On the one hand, we are watching Sophie renovate her mother's Greek hotel for its reopening, wondering if her life choices, and her choices for the hotel, are making her mother proud. She reunites with her mother's friends, and her three fathers, to make the event go as smoothly as possible.
In the other timeline, we see her mother Sophie just after she graduated from university. On a whim, she decides to come to Greece - where we see her meet Sophie's three fathers, and deal with the fact that she was pregnant, alone and heartbroken in a foreign country. What hap…

Halloween | Film Review

Hey Guys x

I feel like I review Blumhouse films so often! But they've been putting films out really consistently lately, and good ones at that, so I don't mind my blog being filled with their name again and again. After all, they are my absolute favourite production company!

Anyway, let's get on with the review.

This film is a direct sequel to the first 'Halloween' film that came out 40 years ago.
So, it's been 40 years since Laurie Strode survived Michael Myers' attacks one Halloween night, and since then, she's been preparing. Her life, and her daughter's life, were directly linked to that attack, and Laurie was just waiting and biding her time, until she could get a second chance with the man who destroyed her life. And when he breaks out of the mental asylum, her chance comes. She and her worst nightmare have a final showdown, but this time, they're ready for each other...

After a recent re-watch of the original, in preparation for seeing t…

A Star Is Born | Film Review

Hey Guys x
I'm currently sitting on a bus listening to the soundtrack to this film, so I thought it was only fitting to write the review.
The film is about a man called Jackson Maine. He's a rockstar in the prime of his career. He's moving from strength to strength and doing so well that no one cares that he's an alcoholic. One night at a bar, he meets Ally - a girl with an astounding voice, who thinks that she won't get anywhere because her nose is 'too big' and she doesn't look like a star. However, Jackson sees something in her that no one else does - something that makes him pull her up on stage during one of his gigs (to sing my favourite song, 'Shallow') and from there, everything changes. Ally is caterpaulted into the spotlight, and her budding relationship with Jackson takes a backseat as her career takes center stage. But how will Jackson handle Ally's newfound stardom?
This is an incredible movie. I saw it on Monday and I haven&#…

September Favourites | 2018

Hey Guys x

I have found a lot of stuff to love and talk about this month, so let's get straight into it! What have been your September favourites?

Favourite Movie(s): Creep & Creep 2

I'm always on the lookout for original horror movies, especially if they come from my favourite production company, 'Blumhouse'.. I heard such good things about these two movies, but they weren't actually on my radar until I got Netflix. They popped up in my recommended one day and I decided to give them a chance. I was so surprised by what the first film ended up being. I was thrilled, and excited, and worried, and genuinely scared. At some points, I even watched it through my fingers because I was so worried about what was going to happen next, and I didn't even do that for the Conjuring movies!
And in addition, I assumed that, like most movies, the sequel wouldn't be as good as the original. However, it actually was! Even though we knew vital things about the protagonist …

Review #58: To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

Hey Guys x

I reviewed the film version of this HERE, and made no secret of the fact that I completely loved it. I actually watched it again this week and loved it even more, so I thought it was time to finally review the book version.

So, just like the film, the book is about a girl called Lara Jean Song Covey, who is navigating life  after her sister Margot moves away for university. Lara Jean is a dreamer, who writes letters to the boys that she falls in love with, so that she can get over that love and lock it away forever. But one day, her love letters get out... and her life completely changes when her sister's boyfriend gets one. So, to throw him off the trail, she orchestrates a fake relationship with Peter Kavinsky, the popular boy who never usually noticed her. But as the lines between real and fake become seriously blurred, Lara Jean begins to wonder why they started faking in the first place...

So thankfully, I loved the book as much as I loved the movie! In fact, writ…