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Father Figures | Film Review

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I don't remember this film getting a theatrical release, but I do remember seeing the trailer for it at least twice while watching other films at the cinema, so it was always in my head as one that I definitely wanted to see.

It's about twin brothers who discover that their father (who they thought had died when they were young) actually wasn't their father at all. With some information from their mother, they set out to discover who their real father is, travelling far and wide to find him. However, on their travels they learn more about their mother, and each other, than either of them expected.

I really wanted to like this. It had the recipe for something great.

It had Owen Wilson and Ed Helms (two hilarious and amazing actors) as the leads, it was a travel movie (at points a road trip movie) and from the trailer, it looked hilarious.

But I didn't like it, for a lot of reasons.

For one, it was marketed like a comedy. This is harsh but, a comedy has to be…

March Favourites | 2018

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For some reason, I seem to have collected quite a lot of favourites this month, so I'm gonna get straight into it before this post becomes too long!

Favourite Movie (1): Red Sparrow

I've already reviewed this, and you can check out my thoughts here! But I've been thinking about it more and more lately, and the more I think about it, the more I love it. Definitely check this out if you haven't yet!

Favourite Movie (2): The Greatest Showman

Irreplaceable You | Film Review

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I saw this movie almost a week ago and it's still on my mind for a variety of reasons.

It's a Netflix original movie, so it's easily accessible if you haven't seen it but you want to. I chose it on a whim because it looked like a cute rom-com, one of my genres of choice. But be warned, there's more to this film than meets the eye!

It's about a couple called Abbie and Sam. They've been together forever and at the point that the film opens, they are engaged, about to start planning their wedding and the rest of their lives. However, due to a doctor's appointment for what they suspect is a pregnancy, Abbie discovers that she has terminal cancer. After discovering this, rather than dwell on her fate, Abbie makes a plan - she's going to find the woman that Sam will spend the rest of his life with. But will she be able to find the right person to replace her? And what will happen when she is forced to stop distracting herself from her life?

I …

Wattpad Writing Tips!

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I've been writing on Wattpad for quite a long time now. I published my first story in 2012 and was reading Wattpad for a while before that, so I'd say that I know it quite well.

Anyway, I thought I'd write a post giving some general tips for writing stories on Wattpad.

However, I don't know everything there is to know. I'm not the most popular writer, and you may think that my advice is bad, which is completely fine! This is just what has been working for me while I've been writing on this platform.

And it may also be worth noting that I only write fanfiction on Wattpad, so the advice might be universal, or it might change depending on what you write.

Update Regularly
I think this is probably one that you can agree on if you use Wattpad. It is really annoying to find a story that you really want to read, only to discover that it's unfinished and the writer hasn't touched it in 5 years.
For me, I find uploading once a week to be helpful, but e…

Furlough | Film Review

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This may be a film that you haven't heard of. The only reason I know about it is because I follow Tessa Thompson on twitter, where she has promoted it.

However, I'm really glad I do because otherwise I definitely would have missed it. So I'm writing this review to make sure that other people don't miss it too! It doesn't even have a Wikipedia page yet!

Anyway, this film is about a prison inmate called Joan Anderson, who gets granted furlough. She has 36 hours to leave the prison and say goodbye to her dying mother. The only catch is that she is to be accompanied by new CO Nicole Stevens. CO Stevens is desperate for a permanent position at the prison, but to get that, she has to make sure that her 36 hours with Anderson go as smoothly as possible. But as they travel, Stevens has to decide whether she wants to continue to live her life for her mother, or to finally live for herself. Could this unruly prison inmate actually have a positive effect on her?


10 Underrated Films You Should Watch!

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Everyone knows about that popular rating system 'Rotten Tomatoes', right?

When I'm going to watch a film, I generally google it first (if just for the running time), and their RT rating always comes up. And let's be honest, it does inform my opinion. If a film has a low score, I go into it thinking in the back of my mind that it might not be a great movie.

However, as we all know, movies are subjective. You could love a movie that your best friend absolutely hates and that's completely fine.

But I feel like a lot of people do take these ratings to heart and will actively choose not to see a film that has a particularly low rating.

So I've compiled a list of 10 films that have received less than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, but are, in my opinion, really good movies. Not the best movies in the world, but worth much more than their rating.

Rough Night (45%)

I was surprised when I saw that this film only had a 45% rating because I absolutely love it. I've …