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July Favourites! | 2016

Hey Guys x

So as you've probably guessed, it's time for another Favourites post!

Let me know what your favourites are this month!

Favourite Movie: The Shallows

I watched this a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a huge fan of shark movies, just because they tend to be unrealistic, however, I really enjoyed this one! I'm a huge fan of the main/only actress Blake Lively, and it was nice to see her in a different role to anything she's done before. If you want me to do a full review of this, let me know in the comments!

Favourite TV Show 1: Orange Is The New Black

If you've seen my blog post on my reaction to season 4 of the show, or you've watched the show yourself, you'll know why I love it. I've spoken about this show far too much already this month to go too far into it now - but I really do love it!
Favourite TV Show 2: Marvel's Jessica Jones

I spoke about this already last month when I had seen a few episodes - now I've fini…

5 Great Books To Read This Summer! | Guest Post

Hey Guys x
Today's post is a guest post by Cassie from
I hope you enjoy seeing some of her favourite books! xx

Image courtesy of LWYang under CC BY 2.0

5 Great Books to Read This Summer
I live by the idea that summer reading should be totally enjoyable—be it an adventure read or something a little more fantastical, any summer literature pick should be jam-packed with imagination, laughs and characters that turn into personal heroes.

So for this list I’ll skip all the summer favorites with a long history of being culturally relevant and give you five titles that will make you feel great. From excellent travel essays to childhood classics that have just gotten better with time, these picks are sure to add mystery, madness and fun to any summer adventure. 

1.“The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman

From the famed British writer that brought us “Stardust” comes this short novel with the same degree of otherworldliness but in a decidedly different journey. Whe…

My Opinion On YouTuber Hate!

Hey Guys x

Last month, Marcus Butler was on British cooking show 'Celebrity Masterchef' - he then made a video, reacting to the hate comments that he received due to being a YouTuber on a Celebrity show. You can watch his video below:

And I thought I'd give my opinion on this video and some of his hate.

Now, for me, I'm not one of the people who thinks that YouTubers can do no wrong, there are some things about certain YouTubers, or even groups of YouTubers, that really annoys me. If you've read my 'YouTuber Book rant', you'll see what I mean.

But for this, it's definitely something that I want to talk about because I think it's really unfair and a lot of the people that were hating on Marcus really have no idea what YouTube is, what YouTubers do or why they're even popular.

So, Marcus got a lot of hate for being a YouTuber on a Celebrity show. And while I would also be one of the people who wonder why YouTubers are suddenly being considere…

I've Made It?

Hey Guys x

I'm putting this up mega early today because, if I wait until 5 and then forget to upload one more time, I'm going to be really annoyed with myself!

First of all, I need to apologise for my lack of blog posts for the last few weeks. I wrote a mega-long post explaining why I've not been posting as much, but chickened out and deleted it! But hopefully they'll be many more posts to come from me very soon!

This post is a response to a Carrie Hope Fletcher video, that you can watch below!

In the video, she talks about 'making it', about getting her dream roles and how dangerous it is to become complacent because one or more aspects of your life are going really well.

And I completely agree with everything she said - but I do have to admit, this is definitely something that I do.

You know how most people procrastinate? Put things off until they have no choice but to do them? Well, I do that, but a lot of the time, I also find myself giving up - and I kind…

Realistic Dialogue | Like A Writer

Hey Guys x

So, for today's instalment of 'Like A Writer' I want to talk about dialogue!

For me, when I'm reading a book, one of the most annoying things is when the author has amazing descriptions, and I can picture everything perfectly, but then the character's speech is the most unrealistic thing.

Like, in 'Fifty Shades of Grey', although for the most part, the descriptions were great, Ana's prolonged use of the phrase 'oh my' was so annoying! Like, what person randomly goes around saying 'oh my' all the time?

But something that I find interesting is that, for script writing, this is so much more important! I guess, because in a movie or TV show, the dialogue is the most important because all that ever happens is people talking, either to other people or to themselves.

You probably don't find this as interesting as I do, but as someone who thinks about script writing (or any other kind of writing, I'd literally do anything!) i…

My Reaction To Orange Is The New Black!

Hey Guys x

Today, I'm telling you my reaction to the end of season 4 of OITNB, but I'll probably also tell you my feelings for certain characters throughout all 4 seasons.

If you haven't made it to the last two episodes of season 4 - GO AWAY! I'm going to put the spoilers between two sets of asterisks, so scroll down quickly to miss spoilers!

Seriously, you do not want this spoiled for you, and I'm about to spoil it in the worst way possible, so if you haven't seen it and you're planning to, go and watch it - then come back here.

And if you've never watched even an episode of Orange, watch the first few, you'll love it.

Anyway, I'm jumping right in!

*************************** SPOILER ALERT ***********************

So, most of this post is going to be spent talking about how Poussey's death affected me.

If you don't know, but you want to know, she was killed by a guard (CO Baxter Bailey). They were having a peaceful protest, and he restra…

Review #46: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Hey Guys x

I have heard so many amazing things about this book, so I decided to see what all the hype was about! It might be a bit complicated to explain but I'm going to do the best I can!

Rachel is an alcoholic. Her ex husband Tom had a new wife and baby and she's a bit depressed about that. However, something that stops her from being upset is people watching. From her usual train, she can see straight into the home of a couple, who she has names Jason and Jess, and she imagines that their lives are perfect, more than perfect, exactly the life she wants.  But then, Rachel sees something, something that she shouldn't have seen. And suddenly, everything spirals out of control. Jason is Scott, Jess is Megan, and Rachel is directly involved in the mystery that surrounds their lives. Will Rachel be able to sort herself out long enough to find out the truth? And if she does, can she ever get back to the way that things were? Most importantly, will she even want to?

I have to…

A Baking Day | Muffins and Cookies!

Hey Guys x
Sorry I've not posted in a while, it's been a shit week. Plus, I just finished season 4 of Orange Is The New Black and am now an emotional mess!
However, my sister and I did some baking this week, so I thought I'd share with you the muffins and monster-cookies we made!
Now, I'm not going through this like a recipe, it's literally just a picture post.
All the pictures are raw and unedited, so please excuse that!
If you want to make them yourself, the recipe for the muffins is from the hummingbird bakery book, and the recipe for the cookies is from Tanya Burr's first book 'Love Tanya', but I'm sure that the same recipe is in her new bakery book 'Tanya Bakes'

Thanks so much for reading... or looking!

I promise my next post will have a lot more writing and be a lot more substantial.

Comment below your favourite thing to bake!

Keep Smiling - Lou xx

The Conjuring 2 | Film Review

Hey Guys x

I went to see this 2 Friday's ago and it was in my June Favourites post, I promised to do a proper review, so here it is!

Now, as you may know, I love horror movies! So if you don't, let me warn you, you're definitely not going to want to watch this film! And if you're just getting into horror, this isn't the best film to start with!

Anyway, just like the first 'Conjuring' film, this is about Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal experts who are considering taking a bit of time off. However, they get called on another case, and are flying to London to help a single mother of 4 who is convinced that there's something wrong. And when her youngest daughter Janet starts to take on traits of the 72 year old man who died in the house years previous, is there anything that Ed and Lorraine can do to save this family? And does it have anything to do with the demonic nun that Lorraine has been dreaming about?

This is such a good film!

I really enjoyed t…