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Happy New Year(s) Resolutions | 2016

Hey Guys x
This is a live post, which as I've said before, means that I'm uploading it as soon as I write the last word.
But I wanted to talk about New Years Resolutions.
This year is the year that I really want to start doing stuff. I have a lot of interests that I want to pursue and it seems like this is the best time to do them.
I also have some blogging resolutions that I want to see through this year.
Blogging Resolutions - Comment on more blogs - Follow more bloggers on social media (and bloglovin') - Reach 100,000 blog views - Stick to my blogging schedule - Have more original post ideas - Hit a follower milestone - Make more blogging friends
Personal Resolutions - Get work experience - Get into movie production - Write more, read more, do more - Take more pictures - Watch more movies (so many movies!) - Spend less money - Fall in love - Make more friends - See my current friends more
For now, that's all I can think of, but I think that's a pretty significant…

2016 On Lou's World!

Hey Guys x

(I repeated one of the pictures in the collage and now it's really bugging me, but I only noticed as I was about to upload this post. Please just ignore it)

It's almost the end of 2016, I can't believe this year is done!

I had an amazing year blogging! Although I didn't bog as much this year, I hit amazing milestones and did things that I'm really proud of!

I wrote my 500th post, hit over 70,000 views, started my 'Like A Writer' series and many more things that I'm really glad I did!

I've also had a great time reading other people's blogs, and I definitely will be doing a lot more of this in 2017 because I have not done enough!

I want to reach out to more bloggers, to do more collabs etc, but this isn't a New Years Resolution post, that's coming tomorrow.

In my personal life, I'm also proud that this was the year that I completed my first year of university and began my second, and that's a weird feeling.

This is the …

My 2016 Statistics!

Hey Guys x

So, for this whole year, I've been writing down everything that I've done in my 'Sprinkle of Glitter' 2016 diary, with the idea that it would be cool to be able to look back on every day of the year.

So today, I counted up all the things that I've done a lot, and I thought it would be cool to share some of these statistics with you!

These will also form a lot of my New Year's Resolutions, which will be up on the 31st.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing my stats! Tell me some of yours in the comments!

Movies Watched: 182

TV Shows started: 31
Books read: 16
Numbers given (to me): 4
Times asked out/flirted with: 8
Exams taken: 2
YouTubers subscribed to: 2
YouTubers unsubscribed from: 4
Chapters of Rogue written: 62
Stories started and/or finished writing: 8
Blog Posts written: 170
Thank you for reading my 2016 stats!
Comment below some of your own statistics!
Keep Smiling - Lou xx

The New Years Tag!

Hey Guys x

Welcome to my last Tag of 2016!

Anyway, as it's so close to the end of the year, I thought I'd do the 'New Years' tag!

Feel free to do this tag yourself. I found it here!

The Tag!

If you could look back on one memory from last year that you wish you could relive, what would it be? I went out for my best friend's birthday in June, and I'd probably relive that. She didn't know that me and two other friends were coming, so it was really nice to surprise her!
What was one new years resolution that you accomplished? I don't think I set any resolutions, so I couldn't say if I accomplished any!
3 words to describe last year? Friendship, uncertainty, 2016 - those pretty much sum it up!
Best music related creation/inspiration last year by an artist in your opinion? I think this is a weird question, but maybe I'm not into music that much! There has been many great songs out this year, but none of them spring to mind right now.
Something your looking…

What I Got For My Birthday/Christmas! | 2016

DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way me bragging about what I got. Instead, I'm showing you guys how awesome my friends and family are and how grateful I am!

Hey Guys x
Welcome to my annual Birthday/Christmas present post!
I love seeing other people doing these posts, and putting their things on my list for next year! I hope you like seeing the things that I got this year!

Some of the presents I got aren't in these pictures, mainly because they were either clothes, Lush bath bombs or the phone that I took these pictures on!

Birthday Presents

This was a present from my best friend. We had been talking about different TV shows that we watch and she said that she thinks I'd love this, so she got me the first season which was so nice! I haven't started watching it (I'm trying to finish 'The Vampire Diaries' first) but I can't wait!

This box set is a present from my mum. I love this show so much, I've loved it ever since it first came on in like 2008, so I&…

December and 2016 Favourites!

Hey Guys x

This year, I thought I'd do something a little bit different with my last 'Favourites' post of the year.
Rather than just tell you the things that I've been loving this month, I'm also going to tell you my favourites of the year!

I hope you enjoy my last 'Favourites' post! It's gonna be a long one!

Favourite Film: The Loft

'The Loft' has definitely been my favourite film of December. It's fast paced and exciting, there's twists and turns around every corner and you really can't guess what the outcome is! Definitely one to watch!

Film Of The Year (1): Captain America: Civil War

Of course this had to be one of my films of the year. As a huge Marvel fan, I went into 2016 really anticipating this film, and it certainly did not disappoint! I've watched it multiple times since and it gets better every time!

Film Of The Year (2): Star Trek

This year, I have loved getting into the Star Trek world. These films have opened up so m…


Hey Guys x

It's finally here!

The day that most of us have been waiting for!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you have an amazing day, that you get everything you want and that this is your best Christmas ever!

Have a great day everyone!

Lou xx

Bye Bye Blogmas | Blogmas Day 24

Hey Guys x

It's the end of Blogmas! I mean, officially, Blogmas ends tomorrow, but as tomorrow is Christmas day, today is the end of my Blogmas.

Blogmas this year has been much harder than Blogmas the previous two years I've done it. I've been out of ideas, I haven't been bothered and I haven't felt like anyone is reading my posts.

But because of this, this has been my favourite Blogmas looking back. This is because I haven't forced myself to post about Christmas every day, and so instead I've been able to write posts about things that I'm passionate about.

And I'm proud of myself for setting aside the time each day to write a handful of posts, especially when I wanted to be doing anything but.

I don't have a lot to say today.

Tomorrow's post is also going to be really short, because it's Christmas.

But I just want to say, I hope you really enjoyed my Blogmas posts. I hope you're going to spend the new year watching the movies that …

5 Films You Haven't Heard Of! | Blogmas Day 23

Hey Guys x

I can't believe Blogmas is almost over!

I'm posting every day until the end of December anyway, but it's still weird to think that I've been doing Blogmas posts for 23 days already! I'm definitely giving myself a break in January!

This is also my last movie-based post in Blogmas, so thanks to everyone who's commented on them and liked them, maybe I'll do something similar next year?

Anyway, for today's post, I'm going to highlight some maybe lesser-known movies that you guys might not have heard of, that I think are really amazing and should be more popular!

I hope you enjoy this post!

The Loft

This film is incredible! It's a psychological thriller about 5 married guys who buy a loft apartment together so that they can keep secrets from their wives. However, one morning the 5 guys discover that a woman has been killed in their loft and handcuffed to the bed. They are the only ones that have keys, so, which one is the killer?
There are …

I'm Not Excited For Christmas! | Blogmas Day 22

Hey Guys x

I have to be honest, I had nothing planned for today. I had one idea that wasn't quite right so I scrapped it and decided to go off the cuff and write whatever was on my mind.

I'm writing this on the 19th December, and I'm not yet excited for Christmas in the slightest.
(*Update: It's now the 22nd and I'm still not excited)

My shopping is done, there are presents under the tree, the menu has been decided, and I could not care less.

For me, Christmas day has never been a source of excitement, other than the fact that I get to open presents. I never enjoy celebrating it, and this year I'd love to just pretend it isn't Christmas. I want to go to the cinema and watch 'Passengers' (starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) but unfortunately, I have no choice but to celebrate it.

It's not that I have something against Christmas, I just don't enjoy celebrating it.

I love the festive period. all these days leading up to it when it'…

My Filmmaking Idols! | Blogmas Day 21

Hey Guys x

I have to say, daily blogging is really beginning to take it's toll! I'll stick it out for the rest of December, but I really hope next Blogmas (if I do it) is a lot easier!

Anyway, today I thought I'd tell you about some of my filmmaking idols - the people who do their jobs well and aspire me to follow in their footsteps.

Let me know who some of your career idols are in the comments!

JJ Abrams
JJ Abrams is on this list because, simply, he makes good stuff. But in addition to that, he is really passionate about the projects that he takes on - you can tell! I've seen a lot of interviews with him from when he directed the first two Star Trek movies ('09 and Into Darkness) and it's clear how much he loves his job and how much fun he had making them, as well as how hard he worked. But in addition to that, the cast of those two films could not stop raving about him and saying how good he was as a director, which just tells you how awesome he is!

Simon Pegg

My Christmas Tree | Blogmas Day 20

Hey Guys x

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures this year, but I got a new phone for my birthday (called a OnePlus Two) and I wanted to try out the camera.

What better way to try out the camera than to let you guys see this year's Christmas tree?

I hope you enjoy!

I have to say, I really do love this camera!
Thank you for viewing these pictures.
It's 5 days until Christmas!
Come back tomorrow for Blogmas day 21!