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Happy Halloween!

Hey Guys x
I had another post going up today, but I couldn't put up something else and completely ignore the spookiest day of the year!
This is just a quick post that I'm writing and putting up straight away.
I just wanted to tell you guys to enjoy your Halloween night - eat loads of sweets, watch the scariest movies that you can think of (if you need ideas, read this!) and have some fun!
There's not much else to say, except that I promise November will be full of different posts for you to read, so enjoy the last night of October!
Happy Halloween!
Keep Smiling - Bria Boo!

October Favourites! | 2016

Hey Guys x

So as you can see from the title, it's time for another favourites post - and this is one of my favourites because I have loads of things that I genuinely love to talk about!

Please let me know in the comments what your own October faves are!

Favourite Movie (1): Star Trek Beyond

So I know that my favourite movie last month was a Star Trek movie, but OMG this movie is amazing! It's the third instalment in the Star Trek reboot franchise and it's definitely a welcome addition. Rather than it being about the crew trying to save the enterprise, but about them trying to save each other. I loved seeing the way that their characters all reacted in these situations, as well as the fact that they were all trapped with a character that they didn't usually spend that much time with, which was a nice change. Definitely worth a watch!

Favourite Movie (2): Blind Dating

This movie is 10 years old this year and I only watched it this week which is unbelievable! I took a chanc…

Surviving A Horror Movie!

Hey Guys x
So as you probably know, I love horror movies! They're my favourite genre of movie to watch, and as it's coming up to Halloween, I thought this post would be very appropriate.
I've wanted to write a post about surviving a horror movie for a while, so I was really excited when Halloween came around and I could actually do it!
So my choice of movie was 'Scream' and in particular, scream 4. This is because the villain Ghostface is a human, so he'd definitely be thwarted by some of the best home security systems.
Here's what I'd use to survive:
First of all, I'd protect myself using things already in my house - mainly anything heavy that I could use as a weapon! In addition to that, hiding places are a must! My go-to would be one of my many wardrobes that we have , because you'd never know which one I was hiding in!
However, I have nothing in my home to stop Ghostface from getting in in the first place.
The first thing I'd definitely…

Too Late To Get Pretty?

Hey Guys x
This is something that popped into my head the other day, and I wanted to see if other people related to the way that I felt.
I don't feel like I'm pretty. No, I'm not saying this to get sympathy or compliments or whatever, it's just a matter-of-fact thing that I've learned to live with.
I've always thought to myself that this will change, one day I'll wake up and be more attractive, and people will stop me on the street and ask for my number just like other girls, and I was willing to patiently wait for this to happen.
Until it hit me - I'm turning 20 in less than 2 months - when exactly do I expect this to happen?
So I'm wondering, is it too late for me to get pretty? Am I naïve in thinking that I'll wake up one morning and be attractive to the opposite sex?
And I know that this shouldn't matter anyway, after all, why do I care if people do or don't find me attractive, and normally I don't. But when I hear stories about…

10 Movies To Scare You This Halloween!

Hey Guys x

There's only so many times that I can talk about my love of horror movies, but as Halloween is coming up in just over a week, I thought I'd write this post.

As the title suggests, there are the scary movies that I never recommend to people that aren't fans of horror. So if you're not a fan of scary, I wouldn't recommend most of these. But if you're having friends over or if you're trying to be a bit scared, I'd definitely tell you to watch some of these!

The Conjuring 2

I've spoken about this film on the blog before but I love it so much! The movie is big on it's jump scares and scary music, so definitely watch if that's your thing! It would probably be great to watch with a group of friends, and there are many moments that you can laugh about once you've seen it more than once!

Lights Out

Another film that I've spoken about a lot since I watched it a week or two ago. This again is quite heavy with the jump scares, but I'…

Why Write Romance?

Hey Guys x

Sorry for not posting on Monday - it was a busy day full of planning for exciting things that I won't mention in case they don't happen!

But for today's post, as you can tell, I want to talk about writing!

I write romance. When I try to write novels, romance is either the main storyline or a really strong subplot. Even when I write fanfictions, there is always an element of romance within it, because that's what I love to write.

But this is the first time that I've really explored why my default is always romance.

There are a few reasons for this, but I think the main one is the simplest one: I want to fall in love.

I am a hopeless romantic who is in love with the idea of love. Because of this, I love to make up characters and think of the most original ways that they can fall in love.

I find it really interesting to read about the different ways that people meet each other, the journeys that people go on to end up where they are now, with who they'…

The Girl On The Train | Film Review

Hey Guys x

So, on Friday I went to see 'The Girl On The Train', so I thought I'd make today's post another film review.

I read this book earlier this year (you can read my review here), so my opinion of the film was based on the fact that I had already read it and knew the ending - I think it would be different if I hadn't previously read it.

Just like the book, the film is about three women. Rachel the alcoholic, Anna the new wife and Megan, the mystery. Rachel spends her days riding the train to New York and people watching. From her usual train, she can see straight into the home of a couple, and she imagines that their lives are perfect. But then, she sees something, something that she shouldn't have seen. And as everything spirals out of control, suddenly these three women are connected in ways that they never could have guessed.

So I have to say right away, I didn't really like the film, for quite a few reasons.

First of all, the most petty reason, t…

50 Deep Questions! | Tag

Hey Guys x
It's been a long time since I've done a tag, so I thought I'd do one for you today!
I don't think that this is actually a tag, it's just questions to ask yourself, but I thought it would be fun to make it a tag! You can find the original article here. They're questions for self-reflection, which I definitely need to do!
I'm also not tagging anyone, but if you do this tag (and you're more than welcome to!) please comment your link below so I can read your answers!
Anyway, let's get on with the post!
50 Deep Questions:
1. What's your passion? Within the last two years or so, I've found that I actually do have a few things that I'm passionate about other than blogging, writing and reading. My biggest passion aside from those now is films. Watching them, learning about the process, the editing, the special effects, maybe making my own one day, I just have a newfound passion and respect for films.
2. What would you do in life if yo…

Lights Out | Film Review

Hey Guys x

I haven't done a movie review in quite a while, but I finished watching this film about 10 minutes ago, so I thought I'd better review it while it's still in my brain!

In short, the film is about a girl and her younger brother who are being terrorised by someone called 'Diana' who can only come out in the dark (hence the film title). With the help of the girl's boyfriend, they confront their mother, who has something to do with the mystery of Diana and why she chose them to terrorise.

I love the concept of this film. I am a huge fan of horror films and I love when the ideas are completely original, as this one was to me. Such a simple idea was played out really well.

I really enjoyed this film. The element of the dark made it that much more spooky, and if you're watching it in the dark, you'll definitely jump once or twice!

What I found with this film, as with a lot of other horror films, the element of horror was more important and took pre…


Hey Guys x

I haven't really been engaging in the blogging community lately, and I'm really sorry about that! With the start of uni it's been a particularly busy couple of weeks, but I am firmly back in it and I'm excited to get posting again!

So, to welcome me back properly to the blogging world, I need to acknowledge something that happened a while ago that I just never mentioned.

I hit 200 bloglovin followers!!

I know that a lot of people don't really use bloglovin anymore, so the amount of followers might not mean anything to you, but I definitely still use bloglovin, so to have hit this goal is amazing to me and I'm really greatful to everyone that follows me!

This happened a while ago, but I was completely convinced that I was going to be unfollowed by the time I posted, so it wouldn't matter anyway.

But I figured, whether I get unfollowed and lose the 200, at one point, I have had 200 followers, so why not celebrate that?

It amazes me that, even when…

My Lack of Posts

Hey Guys x

This is just a super-quick post because I didn't want to have nothing uploaded again!

It's an update post, so don't feel the need to comment!

I haven't posted for a few days because I was feeling really unwell at the weekend and at the beginning of this week.

Then I kind of forgot about my blog with the amount of uni work that I'm doing, so I didn't post.

And I feel so guilty, because my posting hasn't been that good for the last few weeks anyway, I also haven't commented on blogs a lot recently, so sorry about that.

But I'm definitely going to get back to posting!

So there will be a post on Sunday, I promise!

Thank you for being patient and missing my posts!

Keep Smiling - Lou xx