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BBQ Chicken and Bacon Burgers!

Hey Guys x

I had planned to post this earlier than today, but there were personal things, and then Manchester, so I thought I'd wait until it felt right to post again. It kind of still doesn't. But I'm getting on with things, and that means posting.
As well as watching movies, another thing that I'm trying to get myself into is cooking. Especially because I can put all my recipes on the blog!
If you want a more traditional version of this recipe, you can find one here:
But I have to say, I definitely didn't follow this recipe as closely as I originally planned to.

The most important aspect of this recipe is what you put in the marinade.
I used: 4tbsp of ketchup 4tbsp of Heinz BBQ sauce A LOT of 'Red's Kansas City BBQ Sauce' A sprinkle of black pepper A sprinkle of salt 2tbsp of honey 2tsp of 'very lazy' chopped red chillies 2tbsp of anything that you usually season chicken with. F…

Confessions Of A Shopaholic | Film Review

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As you can see, I have another movie review for you today!
This one was a long time coming! I am obsessed with the 'Shopaholic' book series by Sophie Kinsella, they're one of the reasons that she's my absolute favourite author.
But I waited a hell of a long time to see the film. I guess it's because, when I read about Becky (Rebecca Bloomwood, the protagonist), I never picture her as Isla Fisher. I don't know why,  just didn't. So it took me a while to actually decide to sit down and watch the film.
The film is about a girl called Rebecca Bloomwood who, as you can tell from the title of the film, is a shopaholic. Even with mountains of credit card debt and mountains of clothes that she's never worn, she just can't stop herself from spending money. So when her debt tries to catch up with her and she finds herself unemployed, Rebecca has to find a way to keep herself afloat. Hence a new job at Brandon communications. With a very attractive…

The Light Between Oceans | Film Review

Hey Guys x
I said this in a previous post, but one of the main things that I'm doing this summer is watching A LOT of movies. Ones that I never got around to seeing, ones that I saw ages ago, and ones that I've seen and loved.
This was one that I'd wanted to see for ages, but never got around to it. I was saving it for my summer holidays and it was probably the one that I was most excited to watch. And I definitely wasn't disappointed!
This film is about a married couple called Tom and Isabel, who live in isolation in a lighthouse. The one thing missing from their lives is a baby, something that Isabel desperately wants, particularly after losing two of her own. So when a baby happens to wash up on the shore next to their lighthouse, Isabel sees it as a sign - this baby was meant to come to her. However, when the couple accidentally bump into their baby's biological mother, a question of morals come into play. Can they really be parents to a baby that doesn't …

Epic Fictional Love

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I'm sick of fuckboys. There, I said it, that is the sole purpose of this post, to marvel at the guys of movies and TV who actually get it right! Or at least, partly right.
I don't love the couples above (Bonnie and Enzo, Sebastian and Mia, Jim and Pam) because they're perfect couples, not in the slightest. I love them because they're epic.
You know, when you see a couple and you know that them being together is the doing of the universe rather than just chance or luck?
Whether they stayed together or not, their loves were epic.
Which brings me to the guys of this generation.
Why does it seem like there are so many more Chuck Bass's of the world than Jim Halperts?
I'm trying not to make this sound like a rant, or than I'm incredibly bitter, because I'm not. But I was watching The Vampire Diaries and The Office (simultaneously) last night, and I got the idea to write a post about the kind of love that only seems to happen in fictional worlds.

Easy A | Film Review

Hey Guys x
So one of the things that I'm doing this month is watching LOADS of movies! I have a long list of ones that I've never seen. As I finished uni this week, I started off easy. With Easy A.
So prepare to see many film reviews over the summer, particularly older movies like this one!
This is a chick-flick teenage classic that I can't believe I hadn't seen before today!
This film is about a girl called Olive who gets herself into a bit of trouble. She makes up a lie to get out of going to a friends house, but that lie spirals out of control when the friend assumes that Olive has lost her virginity. Rather than put the rumour to bed, Olive enables it and, with the help of gay guys and gift cards, becomes the most talked-about girl in school. However, being talked-about isn't all it's cracked up to be. But can Olive finally dispel the rumour before it's too late?
I really enjoyed this movie. I picked it because it wasn't too heavy. A lot of the oth…

My Second Year At University!

Hey Guys x

Yesterday, I completed my last (and only exam), and today, I am sitting in front of my laptop, blasting music and singing like my life depends on it. I guess you could say, I'm happy to be finished!

But I guess this post is just to talk through finishing my second year.

Now, I don't enjoy uni as much as the average person. Because I live so close, it's just a case of 'this is the place I go and take classes three or four times a week for two hours at a time.'

I have to say though, I enjoyed this year more than I enjoyed last year, and I think I know why.

In my first year, I was focused on having the usual 'university' experience. I wanted to make loads of new friends and kiss boys and do all the stuff that American college girls do in movies. And when most of those things didn't happen, I felt like I wasn't living up to my true potential or something. Like I was letting myself down.

This year, I just didn't worry about that stuff. I …

My Love/Hate Relationship With Instagram!

Hey Guys x
So before I start this post, I'm going to plug my Instagram because, why not? You can follow me here.
But be warned, my Instagram is not the Instagram of a typical blogger. I hardly ever post, and when I do, I mostly post about things that are personal to me, and they're never edited perfectly or displayed next to a vase of flowers or something. Never.
But I do have a love/hate relationship with this form of social media, for quite a few reasons.
On the one hand, I love it:
First of all, I like to see the pictures that other people post. I mostly just follow celebrities for that exact purpose, to see their lives through what they post. As well as seeing behind-the-scenes set stuff from actors and things like that. I think you can tell a lot about a person from the pictures that they choose to share with the world.
I also love putting up my own pictures, when I do sporadically. I like looking back on this little picture diary of my life. I have my written diary, my …

Tinder Tips For Guys!

Hey Guys x

So I've mentioned this before, but I am (still) on tinder! It's really fun!

But the one thing that I've noticed the most, obviously, is the guys profiles. More importantly, what guys think gets girls!

Obviously I'm addressing this solely to guys because I don't see girls pictures on tinder ever, so I have no idea what girls do with their tinder profiles and I really don't have the desire to find out!

It is amazing how many tinder bios and pics I've seen that just automatically make me swipe left and erase them from my memory!

But I thought, rather than just laugh at them, I'd give some advice. Because guys need to know what doesn't work if they hope to actually find love on this site! I know a lot don't, but there are some that do.

Also, these are things that are personal to me (and I've been told I'm quite picky!). I'm sure most girls would love a dog in a profile picture, but it just doesn't work for me!

Speaking of…

My 2017 Summer Reading List!

Hey Guys x

Happy March 1st!

I've had major problems with these pictures, so please forgive me if they're not the best quality. My camera is on it's way out, so I ended up having to take pictures on my phone. Then it took so long to get the pictures from the phone to the laptop, I definitely nearly gave up. Nevertheless, I managed to get them and edit them, so hopefully they're at least halfway decent!

I finish uni on the 10th of May. I am so lucky with that date, because it means that I have months of free time to play with, and a lot of that time will include reading these books!

Last year I got through 6 of the books on my reading list, as well as two that weren't on it because, at the time, they hadn't come out yet. This year, I'm hoping to beat that. There are two books that I'll be including that haven't been released yet, but I'll mention them at the end.

I have to say, I really don't have high hopes for myself this year, but I'll…