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Write Like No One's Reading!

Hey Guys x

This is the first time that I've posted on a Monday in a few weeks - sorry about that! With exams and stuff, Monday's have definitely been a busy day for me!

So, in early March this year, I attended an event with my family which showcased all different types of talent from black women. It was called 'In celebration of my sister's' and was really great and entertaining.

During this event, the author Terry McMillan (pictured above) gave a talk about her new book. But then she answered questions from the audience. Someone asked her for her advice to writers and people who want to be published.

The two main things that I remember from her talk were: 1. Write something. Anything - just write. 2. Write like no one's reading. And this is the one that's stuck with me.

By this, she meant, don't write your story (or anything you write) with being published in the back of your mind. Write for you.

This is something that is really hard for me!

Whenever …

May Favourites | 2016

Hey Guys x

I'm running out of ways to introduce my favourites! However, as I always say, this is one of my favourite posts to do because I love to look over the month and see what my favourite things were!

I hope you enjoy seeing what I've been loving this month!

Favourite Movie 1: Captain America: Civil War

I've spoken about my love for Marvel and this film far too many times this month already, so I'm not going to bore you with my obsession again! But I have to say, if you're a fan of Marvel, you need to see this film if you haven't! It was action-filled and fast paced with comedy and heart-felt moments It had everything!

Favourite Movie 2: Gone

The Last 10 Films I've Watched!

Hey Guys x

So, I've been on holiday for the last week, and I've watched a lot of movies!

Since the beginning of the year, I've been keeping a diary. And in that diary, I've been including every single film that I watch, so at the end of the year, I can have a list of all the films that I've seen.

So I thought I'd go backwards through the list and give you all a mini-review of the last ten films that I've seen.

I hope you enjoy seeing what films I've been watching!


This is the last film I watched, and I have to admit that I never would have even thought about watching this film if it didn't star Anthony Mackie. However, I gave it a chance and I was pleasantly surprised. The thing with this film though, is that, the major event (and spoiler) only happens 30 minutes in, so there's not a lot I can tell you without giving anything away, but essentially, a man is giving one-to-one therapy to another man who has recently lost his mother, but …

What I Learned From Guest Week!

Hey Guys x

If you don't know, in April I did something called 'Guest Week', where I allowed 14 bloggers to take over my blog for 14 days to post about anything they wanted!

And yes, I know that this is technically 'Guest Fortnight' but let's ignore that!

While doing Guest Week, there was so much that I learned, so I thought that I'd share some of these things with you, in case you want to do something like this yourself in the future!

I hope you enjoy reading this post!

What I learned from Guest Week!

Don't underestimate how many bloggers want to be involved

This was something that I did completely wrong! I didn't think that anybody would want to do it, which put me off doing it for so long. This was an idea that I originally had last year, and it took me until March to work up the courage to do something about it! And even then, so many more people were interested than I first thought, which was a pleasant surprise!

Don't underestimate how much w…

My First Year At University!

Hey Guys x

I know that my blog posting has been suffering a bit over the last few weeks, however, this was because I was revising for and taking exams.

And now, I'm finished!

I have finished my first year and uni, and it feels incredible!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember last year when I wrote posts about how scared I was about starting. I thought I was going to have a horrible time and make no friends and fail everything.

But I've made it through the other side with a fresh perspective.

It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, for sure! But it wasn't the fun, exciting experience that everyone said it would be either.

And I'm fine with that - because a lot of people's fun experiences involve moving away from home, clubbing, getting drunk and doing things that they couldn't do at home.

However, this isn't me. I don't really drink, I'm not a clubbing person at all, and the fear of my social an…

6 Restaurants You Need To Try!

Hey Guys x

I'm not a massive foodie, however, when I find a restaurant that I like, I eat there all the time!

So I thought that I'd tell you five of my absolute favourite restaurants!

I have to say, I'm the pickiest eater I know, so these restaurants will all have to be pretty great to please me!

Let me know some of your favourite restaurants in the comments!


Zizzi is an Italian restaurant that I am in love with! I normally go to the one in a place called Victoria in London, but there are many different ones all over the country. I went there for a friend's birthday a few years ago and we had such a good time, so this will always be in my top 5! I always order either standard margarita pizza or a spaghetti carbonara and both of those are just so delicious here! Definitely go here if you've never been!


I know that going to Nando's has become kind of joke, at least in the UK anyway! But I still maintain that Nando's is one of the best places i…

My 2016 Summer Reading List!

Hey Guys x

This might seem a little early for summer, given that it's still the beginning of May. However, my summer officially begins next week! I am so excited to have nothing to do!

I honestly don't think I've read a book for leisure since I began uni which is crazy, so picking these books was really fun!

I did a post like this last summer, and I failed! I only got through 4 1/2 of the 11 books that I wanted to read over the summer - so this year, I want to beat my record!

So I've chosen different books this time around (even though I haven't read most of the ones from last year!), and I'll give you a brief description of them.

Nobody's Girl and Ten Things We Shouldn't Have Done

These are the two books that I always start my summer off with. They are my favourite books in the entire world, so I make sure that I read them both at least once a year. They're both coming of age novels that are really fun and adventurous. I talked about them so much l…

Captain America: Civil War | Film Review

Hey Guys x

So, if you regularly read my blog, you'll know how much of a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan I am, and if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I went to see this movie yesterday.

I gave a mini twitter review over the course of a few tweets, which you can see below (read from the bottom up):

So I thought that I'd expand on that and give you a lot more detail about the film.

And of course, I won't be posting any spoilers because, if I had heard any spoilers before I saw it, it would have completely ruined the experience for me.

So if you want to get the best experience, try to avoid spoilers!

I'm assuming that if you want to see this film, you have knowledge of the MCU, so I won't waste time explaining characters or anything.

So, after a series of events, which have led to the deaths of civilians, the team are being reprimanded by the government. They want the Avengers to be put in check, to have someone to answer to, and for some of their decisio…

I Can't Handle Criticism!!

Hey Guys x

Today I'm just gonna have a general chat with you guys about something that's been on my mind for the past couple of days.

I can't handle criticism.

I've known this about myself for a long time - I hate people telling me that they don't like something that I've done.

But I did not know how much it affected me until the past week!

I had a piece to give in for creative writing, and my friends read it and gave me criticism, and I was fine with that!

In fact, they helped me change my story and make it so much better, and I'm so grateful that they were able and willing to help me.

And to be honest, I think this was fine for me because it was work, and it was something that I wanted to get as good and as accurate as possible, because I was being graded on it and it wasn't that personal.

Which brings me onto something more personal.

I've been writing an Avengers-based fanfiction on Wattpad (and of course, I need the self promo. You can read my …

My Favourite Movies | A-Z

Hey Guys x

As you know, I love movies! But I didn't have a specific movie that I wanted to review, so I thought I'd do something I've never done before.

So basically, I'm going to share with you one of my favourite movies for every letter of the alphabet (aside from q and x - there are no great movies that begin with q or x that I've seen!)

So this should be fun! At least, coming up with these movies was fun!

Also, let me know in the comments, what some of your favourite movies are, which of my favourites you've seen and your recommendations for me!

My Favourite Movies!

A - About Time

I love this movie so much! You can tell, because I've put it in this list rather than 'The Avengers', which is one of my favourite movies ever! But yeah, this movie is so romantic and makes me want to fall in love right now! It's a time travel movie, but there are so many different elements to it that feed into the story and make this a really worthwhile watch!

B -…