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April Favourites | 2017

Hey Guys x

I've just handed in all my essays for my course (with 5 days to spare) so I'm feeling a bit giddy! All I have left is an exam and I'm done!

However, it's time for a favourites post, of course it is. And this month was a great one for favourites!

Although I've been really busy (finishing said essays), I was still able to find a lot to tell you about!

So, let's get on with it!

Favourite Movie: Would You Rather

I can't believe I only saw this film for the first time this month! It's a horror film about a group of people who go to a dinner party with the knowledge that they will play a game. Whoever wins this game will get all of their financial problems completely taken care of, whatever they may be. It turns out that this 'game' is a really sick version of 'Would you rather', where you have to actually do the things that you choose. It's gross and messy and gory and possibly psychologically damaging and I loved every second of…

The Great Boyfriend Debate!

Hey Guys x

Soooooooooooooo... I'm on Tinder.

It's been about a month, and it's made me think about a lot of things (and it's given me a lot of blog post ideas, which I'm hoping will be as hilarious as I think they are!)

But one thing it made me think about is having a boyfriend.

Now, I've had a few successful, and many unsuccessful tinder experiences, and I've actually made a genuine friend on it, which is great because we talk nearly every day and it doesn't seem like we know each other from tinder any more.

But it got me thinking about having a boyfriend, what that means, and why it's such a big deal.

For example, whenever I watch any movie (aside from horror movies, most of the time) whether it's a romance, drama, comedy or something else, there is at least one character desperately seeking out a romantic relationship.

And I don't know how I feel about that.

With my friends, there isn't one of us that's constantly worrying about…

Driving Anxiety | 2

Hey Guys x

Sorry for the lack of posts this month! I've been busy and uninspired, which is never a good combination! But I'm back with a few ideas for some posts that I'm really excited to write!

Back in January 2015, I wrote a post about my anxiety surrounding driving. At the time, I was in the middle of lessons, and I don't think I ever did a follow-up post, or even said how everything ended.

So I thought I'd write this post, over two years later, to talk about how I stand with driving right now.

With those lessons before, I had pre-booked about 10 lessons, and was gonna do more depending on how I felt.

However, once I finished my tenth lesson, a huge weight lifted off of me. I was so happy to think that I had a few weeks without having to get in the drivers seat. So I didn't book more.

I told myself I'd give it a few weeks, then book more lessons with a different instructor (because I was never that keen on my instructor. He wasn't awful, but he was…

Why I Write Fanfiction

Hey Guys x
Unless you write it or read it, fanfiction can be quite a taboo topic.
People don't understand it, think it's weird or gross, or think that everything in fanfic turns out to be a carbon copy of fifty shades - which obviously isn't the case!
Now, you may or may not know this, but I write fanfiction. It's a hobby, but it's also one of the most important parts of my life, particularly when blogging has to take a back seat to uni work.
Right now I'm three weeks away from finishing the fanfic in the picture above, and 13 chapters into my new fic, and I stopped and thought about why I write fanfiction.
So I wanted to talk about this today. And right now, I don't have a definitive answer.
My fanfiction 'career' started with a boyband called 'The Wanted'

This is my first ever fanfiction. It didn't even have a name!

When I wrote this, I wasn't gonna put it online at all. I wrote it purely for my own pleasure, and I love that. I di…

Get Out | Film Review

Hey Guys x
I know I've been rubbish with my posting this past two months! But I've decided that I'm not apologising for it because I definitely should not be apologising for putting uni work above my blog at this moment.
But blogging will definitely be a top priority after May, when I'm done for the year!
Now, let's talk about Get Out!
There has been so many reviews and opinions about this film since it came out, I thought I'd add my two pennies worth here on the blog!
This film is about a guy called Chris who is taken by his girlfriend Rose to meet her parents. It doesn't seem like a big deal, until we establish the fact that Chris is black, Rose is white, and her parents have no idea about his race! So understandably, Chris is a bit sceptical. However, when he actually gets to her parents house, he finds that, maybe, he was right to be worried. Is he reading too much into things, or is there actually something wrong with Rose's family?
I LOVED this …