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June Favourites! | 2016

Hey Guys x

For once, I'm doing this on the 28th, which is the day that I always plan to!

Anyway, I'm just gonna jump straight in and start telling you what my favourite things have been this month!

I hope some of my favourites can become your favourites too!

Favourite Movie: The Conjuring 2

I went to see this last Friday (and I'll review it properly within the next week or so!) and I really enjoyed it! I have to say, if you don't like horror films, you definitely won't like this, and you probably shouldn't watch it! But I love horror movies and I loved this. There are a lot of jump scares, and a few faces that stay with you after the credits roll, but overall it's a really fun film, and so much better than the first one!

Favourite TV Show 1: Marvel's Jessica Jones

As you might know by now, I love Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When I finished 'Marvel's Agent Carter', I decided to give this a try, but wasn't expecting much becaus…

Friends As Characters | Like A Writer

Hey Guys x

Welcome to the third instalment of my series 'Like A Writer'! I've been loving doing these so far!

Just to reiterate - with all of these posts, this is just my personal opinion. I'm not a published author, so don't think that what I'm saying is something that you definitely have to do! In fact, take everything I say with a pinch of salt, see what you think about it and comment your own opinion in the comments.

This week I'm mainly talking about secondary characters, but this can apply to your main character(s) too.

It's really easy to base our characters on people we know in our real lives, and in a way, this makes complete sense. What better way to make a character 3 dimensional than to base it on someone you really know!

In the book 'See Jane Write', it gives the advice: 'shoplift a few items, don't steal the whole store; - meaning, take a few personality traits of your friends, don't insert their whole selves into your…

Review #45: Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Hey Guys x

So welcome to another review!

This time, as you can see, I'm reviewing a book by my absolute favourite author Sophie Kinsella!

This book is about a girl called Audrey. She has severe social and generalised anxiety, as well as episodes of depression. Because of this, Audrey doesn't leave the house, she wears dark glasses to avoid eye contact, and she doesn't speak to anyone that's not immediate family or her therapist. However, one day, Audrey meets Linus - and to her, he's the only person outside her family that gets it. And as he coaxes Audrey out of her own head, she finds that sometimes it takes someone else to find what's been inside of you all along.

I loved this book! I'm really glad that I waited until now to read it, when I know that I do have social anxiety myself, and so could relate to Audrey a lot more.
I think the topic of the book was handled really well. Like, we're completely in Audrey's head and can understand why thing…

Why Are You So Quiet?

Hey Guys x

This is an extremely late response to a video that Zoe Sugg and Louise Pentland did called 'Why are you so skinny', which you can watch below.

The video was great, but in the comments, people were talking about being called quiet and why they hate when people ask why they're quiet, so I thought I'd talk about my own experiences of this as it's shaped the majority of my life.

People asking me 'Why are you so quiet' stopped me from speaking altogether.

At the time, I thought that this was just because I was embarrassed or weird - however, I now know that I have social anxiety. Therefore, that question opened up a lot of emotions for me that I didn't know how to express, so if you weren't one of my closest friends, you were shut out until I knew I could trust you.

And this is still a problem for me now.

Having social anxiety has stopped me from being able to work out if I'm quiet, or shy, or introverted, or anti-social, and that sucks. …

Review #44: Always With love by Giovanna Fletcher

Hey Guys x

I finished reading this on Thursday but had to wait until today to review it, which gave me time to think about why I feel the way I do about it.

And not to leave you in suspense, I LOVED it!

Just so you know, this review will contain spoilers to both 'Billy and Me' and 'Christmas With Billy and Me' - so if you haven't read those, don't read this!

Sophie, Billy and all the other characters you know and love are back, and this time, there's more to love! Sophie and Billy have gone to LA to visit (and for Sophie to meet!) his family. At first things are great! It's hot, there's nice restaurants and Disney and paps and fans and everything to make it a great first introduction to LA for Sophie. And they're only there for two weeks, so even if Sophie does hate it, she gets to go home and forget all about it soon right? Wrong! Because when the holiday comes to an end, Billy decides to extend his stay. And when their comfy relationship turn…

Appreciating Disney Dads!

Hey Guys x

It's father's day in the UK today!

So I thought that, to celebrate this day, I'd celebrate all of my favourite dads from the world of Disney!

I'm gonna count down some of my favourites - let me know if you agree in the comments!

The King of Arendelle

First of all - look how gorgeous he is!! But no, I love him because he was a good dad. He definitely tried to do the right thing by his daughters, even if he does protect Anna at the expense of Elsa - but even so, he does what he has to do, he protects his children for as long as he can, and I think that this makes him a great dad!


James is in here, mainly because of the line 'I remember daddy told me, fairy tales can come true. But you gotta make 'em happen, it all depends on you...' in the song 'Almost There'. I think that this is such a good message to give to your children and it definitely shaped Tiana in the best way - so much so that she's still quoting him long after his deat…

Falling In Love | Like A Writer

Hey Guys x
Welcome to the next instalment of 'Like a Writer' - this time, I want to talk about falling in love with love interests!
Now, the love interest is such an important role in so many books and movies - and it's the one that most people watch to see!
However, I've found that these characters are the hardest to write.
This is because, as well as having to make these characters as realistic as possible (just like the rest of the characters in the book), you also have to write a character that your readers will fall in love with.
And that's hard!
As I've been writing 'Lou's Novel', I have so many love interests, so many! I guess mine is kind of unique, but even so, I'm trying to write between 4 and 8 characters that I want my reader to fall in love with, and right now, it's seeming like an impossible task!
This is because, romance in itself is the most cliché thing on the planet!
Every romantic line has been said a thousand times and i…

The 5 Second Rule

Hey Guys x

As you can see from the picture, I'm not going to be talking about eating food from the floor (aka, the usual 5 second rule).

Instead, I'm talking about something different.

I read about something in a magazine (I think!), and I've since dubbed it the 5 Second Rule.

Basically, the rule is: Don't point out something about someone's appearance unless they can change it in 5 seconds.

In other words, you can point out that someone hasn't done up their shirt buttons correctly, but don't point out that they haven't ironed said shirt.

Or, you can point out that someone should pull down their skirt, but don't point out that the reason that the skirt is riding up is because they need to lose weight.

See? It's that easy!

I think that if everyone follows this rule, there'll be no talk of body shaming or anything like that, because the way that your body looks is not something that you can change in 5 seconds, so people wouldn't point it…

To Plan Or Not To Plan | Like A Writer

Hey Guys x

I'm starting a new series!

I read this book yesterday (yes, I read the whole book in one sitting, in about 9 hours because it's the most amazing thing I think I've ever read) and immediately my brain went into overdrive.

Not only did it spur me on to write my own novel, but it made me want to talk about writing. So I thought, why not start a series about writing on my blog?

The series is called 'Like A Writer' and I plan on doing these posts every Friday, but if I feel less passionate or if something happens, obviously this isn't set in stone, but it's my plan for now.

I'm also going to make it a specific page on the blog (look above to see 'book reviews' and 'favourites') because it is something really important to me and, if you're writing a book, or you want to, I want it to be easy to find.

I also have to point out - I AM NOT A PUBLISHED AUTHOR (yet!)
Everything that I write will be taking things from the book, talkin…

Measuring My Self Worth

Hey Guys x

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - I got a new laptop and things were a bit hectic!

Anyway, let's get on with today's post.

Self worth.

I measure my self worth a lot - which stems from having self-esteem issues.

However, since I've been at uni, my self worth has been measured by how many men I've kissed/dated/slept with/loved - and to this day, the answer to all of these situations is 0. No kisses or anything beyond that.

And because of this, I feel like my self worth has diminished.

I haven't kissed anyone, so I'm less of a person. Writing it like this, it sounds completely stupid and it is completely stupid, and I don't know why this thought is even close to  being in my head, but it is.

And I know that I'm not the only one. These thoughts go through the minds of thousands of teenagers every day and I don't get it.

Why does our self worth depend on other people?

It's crazy. One person could have the power to raise someone's se…

Review #43: Life On The Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

Hey guys x

This book is different to most other books that I've read.

It's about a mother and daughter whose main way to communicate is to leave each other notes on the door of the fridge. Because of this, the book is literally just the notes that they leave for each other on the fridge door, which means that the book is quite short. I managed to read it in about an hour.

And because it was quite short, there really isn't a lot that I can talk about without giving any spoilers, because one major thing takes up the majority of the book and I wouldn't want to spoil it.

Nevertheless, this is a good book! The way it was written was so interesting and I find it really interesting that Alice Kuipers was able to capture two different voices so well! There was no point when I was confused about whose note I was reading.

I also really liked the character development for both of the main characters. Claire, the daughter, grows up significantly and this is shown really well in t…