I've been thinking about this since the beginning of October, and I have decided to do Blogmas!

I decided to do it because, this is my first Christmas blogging, so I thought it would be really fun! As well as this, I enjoyed many YouTubers Vlogmas videos last year, so I thought it would be cool to do my own spin on it.

There are many different variations of blogmas, so let me explain what I will be doing!

I will be posting every day from 1st December to 24th December, which is really exciting because I have never daily blogged before.

I know that when YouTubers do Vlogmas, they just daily vlog and take you around with them every day, but mine will be slightly different.

Because I'll still be in college for most of blogmas and doing coursework when I'm not at college, blogging about each day would, I feel, be really boring as I don't do a lot of interesting things!

So, instead of this, I will be posting something Christmas related every day! I have already planned most of these posts and I'm really excited for December to come!

This, however, means that for December I will not be posting 'Girl Talks'. I think I'm posting one book review during blogmas, but I'm not doing any more until blogmas is finished. As for the 'Girl Talks', I won't be posting any for the whole of blogmas, and I haven't yet decided whether I'll continue them after Christmas when blogmas is finished, or whether I'll continue with a Christmas theme and go back to them in January.

I also know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so although a lot of the posts will be Christmas based, I have a few that are just 'Winter' based, so that everyone has something to enjoy!

I'm really looking forward to writing these posts and I hope you're looking forward to a more festive 'Lou's World'!

Beau Bloggers
Before finishing, I also want to let you guys know that I have joined a blogging community called 'Beau Bloggers'. We're trying to get new people to join, so I thought I'd let you guys know about it and give you the link for both more information and the actual community.


I'd love to see some of you involved!

Thank you for reading!

Comment below if you're doing blogmas with your blog link so I can look out for it!
Also comment what you'd like to see from 'Lou's World' this blogmas!


  1. OMG I was thinking about doing the exact same thing because its my first Christmas blogging too! Hopefully I'll have time. I cant wait for you to do blogmas I'm really looking forward to reading your posts xxx

  2. I like your blog, it's interesting.

    Lauren -

  3. Sounds like a really great idea.
    Inspired for some Winter/Christmas themes now.

    My Bloggs are:
    Busy days. Relaxing times. :)

    1. Thank you xx I'll be sure to check them out!

  4. I'd love to do Blogmas it sounds fun! Abi :)

  5. I've been thinking of doing Blogmas too! I'm from Australia so no snow here sadly :( really look forward to seeing your posts!! Em xxx

  6. I loved this post, I thought about doing something like this so I'll be joining in on blogmas if that's okay x xx

    1. Thank you xx Of course it's ok, the more the merrier! :)

  7. I love this idea. I am also in school and I am applying for residency and jobs so my days are extremely boring. I'm going to do 25 days of Christmas/winter because I like your idea of the fact that not everyone celebrates Christmas.

    1. Thank you xx Yeah, I just thought that it should be a nice 25 days for everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.


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