A Bad Moms Christmas | Blogmas Day 24

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Happy Christmas Eve guys!

So as you can tell, today's review is 'A Bad Mom's Christmas'. It's the first time this Blogmas that I've reviewed a movie that is actually a Christmas movie!

Also, if you haven't seen the first Bad Mom's film, you might want to!

In the last movie, three mothers decided that they wanted to stop trying to be perfect. This time around, these mothers have decided to stop trying to have the perfect Christmas - as well as having to put up with their own mothers over the festive season.

I have a lot of feelings about this film. The first is that I understand why they did the sequel like this. Christmas movies may not make the most money, but there's always a market for them. So this was an easy sequel to make, because the fact that it's a Christmas movie kind of makes it sell itself.

The main selling point of this film was the comedy. And I have to admit, there were many things about the film that did make me laugh, a lot. However, there was also a lot of lazy humour that left the cinema silent. Either things were cliche and overdone, or they just tried to be funny when they really weren't. Either way, the humour didn't completely work.

The mothers in these films were great. They were all problematic for different reasons and their different characters were really interesting. However, the thing that annoyed me about the film is that, the mothers began the film very problematic. And by the end of the film, they were only a little bit less problematic. All of the problem solves were a completely temporary fix that you know would disintegrate as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

There were some things about the film that just didn't make any sense.

For example, when the 'bad moms' decided that they were going to take Christmas back, all they did was run around a mall causing problems for the workers, and then (spoiler alert) steal a Christmas tree from a shoe store. It all seemed very juvenile and didn't make any sense to me. It was fun to watch - but I don't even know any people my age who wouldn't face consequences for doing something like that, so should they get a free pass just because they're mums?

But despite my grievances, it is definitely fun to watch, and it definitely made me laugh, which I guess was it's intention. And I'd also watch another one if they made it, because I'm very interested in the lives of the 'bad moms'.

What do you think? Is this something you'd be interested in?

It's Christmas Eve!

Come back tomorrow for a Christmas day post!


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