Christmas Tag | Blogmas Day 21

Happy Blogmas Day 21!

Today I'm doing a Christmas Tag, as I always to during Blogmas. The problem is that there's not that many floating around, at least that I can see.

So I hope I haven't done this one before, but if I have, I have.

Feel free to do it yourself and leave me your blog links in the comments, I'd love to see all the different answers!

I found this tag on the blog 'Ella In The Big City', whose blog you can check out by clicking on the name.

What's Your Favourite Christmas Movie?
Image result for the family stone movie poster

It has to be The Family Stone. I haven't watched it this year yet but I have it recorded so that I can watch it as soon as I'm in the mood to. It's a great film about family drama, love, laughter, arguments and everything else that a family generally gets up to during Christmas time. Plus, it makes you appreciate the family that you have - and it makes you thankful that your family isn't this one!

Do You Open Your Presents On Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning?

Christmas morning for sure. We've never opened our presents on Christmas Eve, and I don't have any friends who do. Maybe it's just not a British thing to open your presents earlier than the 25th?

Do You Have A Favourite Christmas Memory?

I actually can't think of one. Every Christmas feels really similar, the only part I really look forward to apart from eating is opening the presents, which is the same every year because that's tradition. If something was different, that would be a memory to keep!

Favourite Festive Food?

Mac and Cheese. That's my number one. I don't only have it at Christmas, because I love it too much. But when I do have it, it always feels like a special occasion because it's not something that happens all the time.

Favourite Christmas Gift?

Because my birthday is so close to Christmas, all the gifts I get seem to merge into one in my mind, so I don't remember what occasion I get them for, but Ugg boots and books come to mind, two things that I am extremely grateful for. However, my favourite gift ever is the one I got for myself this year (for my birthday, but it still counts!) a tattoo! Hopefully! I'm writing this before I get it so I hope that I actually do have it! If I do, I'll post a picture of it.

Favourite Christmas Scent?

This question comes up a lot, and I never have an answer because I don't have specific scents. I'm not really a scent kind of person to be honest!

Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?

Not really. Unless sorting the presents into piles counts as a tradition, making sure that everyone knows whose is whose!

What Tops Your Tree?

At the time of writing we haven't put it up yet (It's only December 10th) but it's usually a red star, as we have a red themed tree. This year it'll probably still be that but I can't say for sure!

As A Kid What Was The One Thing You Wanted For Christmas But Never Received?

This is such a good question that I can't really think of an answer to! I remember really wanting a portable DVD player, because as you know I love movies, and my laptop at the time wasn't small enough to take out of the house. But I never got one. And now I have a hard drive so I don't need one!

What's The Best Part About Christmas For You?

The way that everyone acts, the way that the whole world seems to chill out immensely because there's a chill in the air and you've spent a shit-load of money on presents. It's weird but nice!

Thanks for reading! Answer these questions on your own blogs!

It's 4 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas day 22!


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