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So today's post is a Christmas post about movies, but I've given it a bit of a twist.

While usually I post about my favourite Christmas movies (which I'll probably do on Blogmas Day 17), but for today, I'm doing it differently.

Today, I'll be telling you about movies that aren't Christmas movies, but that make me feel nice and festive during the Christmas period.

In other words, movies that are nice to watch during this period, but aren't about Christmas and so aren't classed as 'Christmas movies'.

La La Land
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So this is the first film. It's a musical that won a lot of oscars, so you've probably heard of it. For me, it makes me feel nice, the music is amazing. It's a great film to watch at Christmas because there's elements of humour and romance, mixed in with the amazing music. If you haven't seen it, watch it this Christmas!

Getting There
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This one is an oldie for fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley. When I was younger, I was legitimately one of their biggest fans, their movies were my life. So now when I watch them, I just get filled with so much niceness and nostalgia. But I picked this one in particular because, although it's not about Christmas, it is about winter. A group of teenagers try to get to Utah for the Winter Olympics. Which means that this film is filled with travelling, snow, and everything else that makes you wish that you were spending Christmas somewhere snowy.

Barbie In The Nutcracker
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Like Mary-Kate and Ashley, I was also a huge fan of Barbie growing up, her movies were awesome. I actually do think that this one may have been set around Christmas time, but let's ignore that. It's based on a ballet, and it's just a really nice movie that you don't get too heavily invested in. Plus, very festive, especially for young children!

Bridget Jones's Diary
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Most of you have probably heard of this one, and know that it definitely isn't festive. However for me I think it's really nice to watch at Christmas. It's basically your average rom-com with the added bonus of a really relatable lead character and two guys who aren't your normal 'knights in shining armour' type. So worth a watch over the Christmas period!

The Light Between Oceans
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Now I can't lie, if you're looking for something nice and light to watch over Christmas, which you probably are, then this isn't it. It's in my list, not only because I just love it, but because of the scenery. A lot of the film takes place at a lighthouse and it's just completely beautiful. It's a film that you have to watch and concentrate on, and it doesn't necessarily have a happy ending, but it's such an interesting watch, and what better time is there than Christmas to get stuck into a good moral dilemma?

The Perfect Man

Image result for the perfect man poster

Again, there is nothing in this film that links it to Christmas, but it's lovely all the same. Like some of the others in this list, it's basically a straight-forward rom-com - except it's a daughter who's trying to find love for her mother. It's full of nostalgia for me, but I think it's enjoyable even if you have no knowledge of the film and haven't seen it before. Give it a chance for sure!

Before We Go
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This film is the epitome of lovely. It's Chris Evans' directorial debut and I just love everything about it. It's not about Christmas but still has a kind of festive feel to it, even the poster above looks festive to me! It's so romantic and interesting and, most importantly, real. It's the real version of a love story, looking at the parts that a lot of people might choose to hide. And if you're anything like me then you'll hate the ending, but that's what makes it an awesome movie!

What are some films that you'd add to this list?

It's 16 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 10!


  1. Oh my gosh, yesss. Barbie movies were my life!
    Aleeha xXx


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