My Favourite Christmas Films | Blogmas Day 17

Hey Guys! Happy Blogmas day 17!

When I was choosing which movies to mention in this post, I discovered that I've seen a lot more Christmas movies than I thought I had!

Check out every film on this list because they're all amazing!

Love Actually
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I'm pretty sure that everyone who wants to see this film already has because it's one of the most promoted movies around Christmas time, so there's no point in me telling you the ins and outs of the story now, but if you haven't seen this and you want to, please do.

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I haven't seen this in a while, but I think it will always be one of my favourite Christmas movies just because of how original it is - and how it's undeniably about Christmas. Again, this film is really talked about at this time of year, so you probably already know what it's about, but if you don't, go and watch it!

The Family Stone
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This one is a lot less publicised than the other two, but it's one of my absolute favourites. It's about, as a lot of Christmas movies are, a family reuniting over the Christmas period. Drama, hilarity and upset ensue and it's amazing to watch. Plus it stars some amazing actors and actresses, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, Luke Wilson and Dermot Mulroney. Make this movie a 'must watch' this Christmas!

Home Alone
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I'm spending absolutely no time on this movie because it's the ultimate classic Christmas film and you've all probably already seen it. And I'm sure that if you haven't, then you never wanted to. If you want to, watch it!

This Christmas
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Like 'The Family Stone' this movie is also about a family getting back together over the Christmas period, but unlike the other movie, it has the two welcome additions of music (courtesy of Chris Brown) and Idris Elba, who makes any movie ten times better. Watch this!

Four Christmases
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The word that comes to mind when I think of this film is 'funny'. It's not your average heartwarming Christmas film like many others on this list because it's a Christmas movie mixed with a romantic comedy, about a couple who see all four of their parents for Christmas in one day. If you want something lighthearted to watch over the Christmas period, definitely check this one out!

The Snowman
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For me, this film is just riddled with nostalgia. I haven't seen it in years but even seeing the picture brings back the memories of watching it in primary school and totally falling in love with it. It's a film for kids that adults can definitely also fall in love with. If it comes on over the Christmas period, definitely watch it!

The Night Before
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Funny. The funniest Christmas film I've ever seen. If you're looking to laugh and laugh this Christmas, put this movie on. It's about three best friends who meet up over the Christmas period and try to get into this really cool party. But of course, it's not as simple as that. And it brings up the question of how long friendships can really last when people are off leading their separate lives. Such an entertaining watch.

The Family Man
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I didn't know that this was a Christmas film, and to be honest I'm not 100% sure that it is. But it is according to google, so it's the last one in this list. It's the classic tale of someone being given a second chance to turn their life around and discover what it is they should have chosen in the first place. It's a really good film and it's very thought provoking. A great plot and great actors make it an essential watch at any time of year!

Have you seen any of these? Do you want to?

It's 8 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas day 18!


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