Breaking With Tradition | Blogmas Day 7

Happy Blogmas day 7! Can you believe we're already a whole week into December?!

Anyway, this post, like many of the other Blogmas posts that you'll see this month, isn't planned, which means that it'll definitely be a bit of a haphazard ramble, but let's see where it goes!

So, as I mentioned on Blogmas Day 3, I'm not feeling in the Christmassy spirit. I'm writing these posts on the same day, because I'm on a roll and want to get as many done as possible, so it's still November 29th and I still feel very un-festive.

So I thought that today I'd reveal my plans for Christmas day, which are, to do nothing.

Each year I've talked about the family tradition that we usually have of going to my aunt's house and eating etc and, as nice as that sounds to most people, it is the thing about the Christmas period that makes me the most anxious. Being around a lot of people, regardless of whether their family or not, makes me anxious. And this year I want to relieve myself of some of that anxiety.

However, this means that I haven't decided how I'll be spending Christmas this year yet. But to be honest, that really isn't that big of a deal to me because I no longer feel the need to celebrate Christmas anyway.

Again, maybe this will change as the month goes on, maybe this will change tomorrow. [EDIT: It's December 7th and I still don't feel festive]

But for now, I don't want Christmas day to be different to any other day of the year. I see no reason within myself to celebrate it other than the fact that everyone else does, and that just doesn't seem like a good enough reason for me at the moment. And why should it?

This might seem ironic given that I'm partaking in Blogmas, but for me, putting up festive-ish posts doesn't necessarily equate to celebrating Christmas day. I can still listen to Christmas music and love Christmas movies without feeling particularly festive.

So, tell me, what are your Christmas traditions? Have you broken any?

It's 18 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 8


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