My Fantasy Christmas Day | Blogmas Day 11

Hey Guys x

So today's post is just an idea that I had out of the blue that I thought might be kind of fun.

I'm going to tell you about my fantasy Christmas day, the Christmas that I'd be having if I could control the world, basically.

First of all, it would be snowing. Not a bit of fluff here and there, really properly snowing. Just short of a full-on blizzard snowing. The snow would darken the sky and give everything a tinge of icing sugar dust.

I'd be in like a cabin or something. Something secluded and warm inside, and when you look out the window, it's like you're in a gingerbread house looking out into a snow globe.

My favourite Christmas movies would be on the TV on a continuous loop, including the movies from Blogmas Day 9 that make me feel festive without actually being about Christmas.

Whenever I'd need a break from them, I could mute the TV and plug my Ipod into a dock. It would be filled with the best Christmas music, think Mariah and Michael Buble.

I'd spend the day doing the things that American families always seem to do in movies. Ripping presents open as fast as they can, baking Gingerbread houses and people, and making an amazing Christmas dinner that could win all the cooking programs that have Christmas specials.

Then the snow would subside enough to actually be able to go outside and enjoy it without coming back in wet and miserable.

There'd be a fireplace in the cabin, so that staying out in the snow was a good option, because I'll instantly be warm when I decide to come back in.

And most importantly, it would just be a nice relaxing day. There'd be no pressure to make it this amazing Christmas that other people are envious of, because it would just be a personal little haven that would bring nostalgia to me every time I thought of it.

Anyway, that's all I can think of right now, but to me, that sounds like the ideal Christmas.

How are you spending Christmas? How do you wish you were spending it?

It's 14 days until Christmas!

Come back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 12 - my birthday!!


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