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Hey Guys x

I was really late to this film. I missed it when it first came out, and then got into the Oscar films and couldn't go and see anything else because I didn't have time.

But anyway, I've now seen this, and here's my review!

This movie tells the story of P.T Barnum (or at the very least, is inspired by that story). Barnum creates a show that has changed the face of entertainment to this very day, and allows people to really understand why their differences make them special.

I thought this film was amazing.

First of all, I'm a huge fan of Hugh Jackman. And I knew that he could sing because he was in Les Mis, but I had no idea that his voice was as amazing as it is. Some of the notes that he hits... there are no words.

The story itself is really special. Even in today's society, going into the Arts isn't seen as a desirable or stable career path by the elders who might prefer us all train to be doctors and lawyers. So to see someone going against this all the way back then is really inspiring, and it really makes you want to go out and start that thing that you've been putting off.

The cast was amazing. Whenever I watch musicals, I wonder if the person was cast in their role because they could sing, or because they could act. With this film, it's clearly both. Even the big names like Hugh, Zac Efron, Zendaya and Michelle Williams were clearly cast because they are amazing actors who happen to also have amazing voices.

And speaking of voices, let's talk about the music for a second. Because the soundtrack is amazing! I never have to go and buy a soundtrack as soon as I'm done watching a film, but I did with this and have been playing it non-stop, because when I say that every song is amazing, I really really mean it!

In particular, listen to 'From Now On', 'Never Enough' and 'A Million Dreams', because those definitely stuck out for me, other than the ones that are already talked about, like 'This is Me' and 'Rewrite The Stars' - but it doesn't matter which you listen to because they all really are amazing. And they all really progress the film. There is not one point where a song doesn't have some sort of purpose within the film, and that's so necessary with musicals.

So overall, it's an amazing movie with an amazing soundtrack and you should definitely be watching/listening to it!



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