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Hey Guys x

I've done it! I've seen all the films nominated for a 'Best Picture' Oscar! And I must say, it's a great list of movies that everyone should dip into.

But anyway, last on the list was Hacksaw Ridge, which I've just finished watching! (Technically its still on, got about 5 minutes left, but I want to review it early so that I can put up my final Oscar related post tonight!)

This film is about a man called Desmond Doss. He goes into a war as a pacifist, choosing to never pick up a gun or take a human life. He's branded a coward and made to feel like he is wrong to standing up for himself and his beliefs, but is he any use in the war if he won't use a weapon?

I enjoyed this film. I'll admit, it took me a while to get into, and some of the battle scenes went on for way too long in my opinion, but when you look at it as a whole, when you know the story, it's a really great film.

The fact that it's a true story makes it better because, it's you wouldn't imagine that anyone could have really done what was done in the movie, so the fact that it's true makes it so much more profound, and definitely made me more interested in the story to begin with.

Andrew Garfield did a great job in this film! I haven't really seen him in anything else but his acting was great, and it's nice that he's being recognised with a 'best actor' nomination.

It was well-written and well-directed, I don't think they could have done it any better than they did, which is a really great feat.

For me, war-related films have never been my cup of tea. So as much as I think it was a good story, it wasn't for me as much as most of the other nominated films. There were parts where my mind drifted off and I started thinking about something else, but that's not the fault of anyone but my own preferences.

If this feels like something you'd enjoy, definitely go and see it because it is a remarkable story told in a remarkable way.

Thank you for reading.

How many Oscar nominated movies have you seen? Comment below!

Lou xx


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