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Hey Guys x

The Oscars are on Sunday, so my reviews will definitely become more frequent as I struggle to watch the remaining 'Best Picture' nominees, of which I only have two left!

If there's another review on my blog today, don't be surprised!

But anyway, today I'm talking about Moonlight!

Moonlight is a film about a boy called Chiron, and it takes place in at three different points in his life, through childhood, when he's a teenager, and adulthood. He's growing up with a mother who's on drugs and an absent father, so he's feeling quite down about his life. He then meets and clings to a drug-dealer and his girlfriend, who take him in and treat him better than anyone ever has. We see his ups and downs, his friendships and relationships, and ultimately, we see the life that he's made for himself.

I thought that this film was really really good!

It's a film that deals with the real issues of life in an amazing way, particularly by showing the different parts of Chiron's life and his relationship with his mother at each of these points.

There's so much to praise about this film. It was really well written, like, it felt so real. At points, it felt like I shouldn't be watching because I was intruding on a private moment, and I love it when a film can do that really well, which this one did.

All three actors that portrayed Chiron were amazing, there wasn't a moment when I didn't believe what they were saying and I don't think any was better than the other. They all took on their separate storylines in different ways and they all did an amazing job.

I thought the story, as real as it was, was also really unique. I've never seen a film like it and there's a possibility that I never will again because of the way that it was made. It definitely struck a cord with me and it's one that I'd watch again. It definitely wasn't as sad as I thought it would be, and I think that was necessary.

It wasn't a film that said: 'we're sad. You should be sad too', but instead: 'this is a shit time in someone's life, have some empathy and feel for him' and that really made the film more powerful in my opinion.

I'd definitely recommend this, so go and watch it!

Thank you for reading!

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