Finishing University For Good!

Hey Guys x

So as I mentioned in my last university round-up post, which you can read HERE, I mentioned that I couldn't really relax until I got my results, because then I would know for sure if I was completely finished and whether or not the last three years had been worth it.

I never talk about end of year results, because they don't matter as much as the final year results. In other words, everything I've done at uni for the last three years had been leading to this.

I got a 2.1!!

Even writing that feels really weird because it doesn't seem true. I feel like I'm just writing what I wanted to get and not what I actually got, and I'm in the very fortunate position for that to be the same thing.

So, as you can tell from my happiness with my result, I'm completely done.

I am now an adult graduate with a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing, and again, it feels weird to even be writing that.

I guess the point of this post is just to close the door once and for all on this period of my life. It hasn't been the best three years, but that doesn't matter because I managed to get a good grade despite anxiety and other problems throughout my time there.

So, onto the next chapter, where I get a graduate job and go out into the world one anxiety-ridden step at a time!

What have you done lately that you're proud of? Tell me in the comments!



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