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Hey Guys x

I went to see this yesterday in a pretty lively cinema, and however I felt about the film, it was such a fun experience that I'd definitely recommend seeing it in the cinema.

As you can see from the title, it's about The First Purge. If you've seen the previous three films, you'll know what this means. If not, in this movie, the Purge is an experiment designed to reduce crime to 1% for 364 days of the year by allowing all crime to be completely legal for one 12 hour period. But something isn't as it seems. What is the real purpose of this experiment? And who are the real targets?

I thought this film was amazing! Definitely the best of the four (with the first one a close second), and I would completely urge everyone to see it.

One criticism I've seen about the movie is that it is violent. And I have to agree that it is VERY violent. Now in my opinion, this isn't a bad thing at all, as a lot of it was necessary for the realism of the movie. But because I'm a big fan of violence in movies, it might not have affected me as much as someone else, so definitely keep the violence in mind.

After seeing it, my first thought was that it was basically a film about what would happen if the Purge took place in Franklin's aunt's neighbourhood in GTA V - in other words, it takes place in an impoverished area. And when you see it, you'll understand why this is.

Just like all the movies, there are main characters that you root for, which is what makes the film so good. The stakes are so high that you're on the edge of your seat from the second the Purge starts, to the second it ends.

Before seeing the film, I wasn't particularly excited. This is because I had been excited before the second and third movies and was then disappointed when they weren't as good as the first. So I went into this thinking that it wouldn't be as good so that I wouldn't be disappointed when it was inevitably as bad as the others. But what this film did that the others didn't was come at the situation from a completely different angle.

Having it be about the 'first' Purge allowed the writers/director to explore the story in a different way, to add a whole new depth that wasn't present in the first three. And I think that's why this movie works so well.

Overall, as you can tell, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who can handle violence (and is over 15), even if you haven't seen the first three.



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