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Hey Guys x

You've definitely heard people talking about this film, mostly to say positive things. I waited until the hype had seriously died down before I saw it, so that other people's opinions wouldn't cloud my judgement of the film.

It's about a boy called Simon who has a secret - he's gay. And he's firmly in the closet. When a classmate comes out anonymously, he emails back, just to let the classmate know that he isn't alone in being in the closet. But when those emails keep flying back and forth between the two, and Simon realises that he has fallen for this anonymous classmate, he finally feels like he has found a place in the world. However, when his emails are discovered and he is blackmailed by a fellow classmate, Simon has to make a choice - will he ruin his friendships by keeping up with the blackmailer's unrealistic demands, or will he allow himself to be forced to make the biggest decision of his life?

I LOVED this movie. Seriously, I loved it so freaking much, it's one of the best films that I've seen this year, and I've seen a lot of films this year!

I don't even know where to start with it, but I guess I can start with the story itself. I think it was a genius idea to wrap this story in a coming-of-age package. This ensures that people who are not LGBT+, in the closet, questioning or anything else, are still able to really relate to the movie. This story isn't about 'oh, he's gay, I can/'t relate', it's 'oh, he's going through a huge life change while also having to navigate high school and family, everyone has to do that, so let's see whether I like him or not'. In my opinion, the film doesn't live or die based on Simon's sexuality. I would watch a film with this cast, these characters, whether he was gay or straight. But the fact that he was gay just made it so much better and more interesting, and was extremely important to Simon's story, and I loved that.

But obviously, as much as it is a coming-of-age film largely centred in the realm of family and friends, it is a coming-out story, and I think it is so important. Films like 'Carol' and 'Call Me By Your Name' (neither of which I really liked, sorry!) were more about whether or not these relationships can happen, and neither of them felt particularly grounded or realistic as initial same-sex relationships for the younger characters. With this movie, it felt like Simon could literally be your best friend. It wasn't unrealistic or far fetched, it was just an extremely normal story about a boy trying to figure himself out. And that is what's so important about this film. It's no secret that homosexuality can be demonised and frowned upon by both the older generation and bigots in this generation, and this film just shows, more than anything, how normalised being LGBT+ should be. Because of that, I really do think it's a film that everyone should see.

The acting in the film was amazing. The main character, Simon, was played by Nick Robinson, who was incredible in the role. But as important as Simon is, I don't think the film would be what it is without all of the amazing supporting characters. First of all, Simon's family are all amazing - as in the actors who play them and their characters within themselves. I found myself seriously envying Simon's family, and I still really do. But I also found myself envying his friendship group. Aside from being in the closet, Simon had every other aspect of his life pretty figured out, and that was so great to see. I actually feel like I know him, like I want to know what college he goes to and how he gets on later in life; that character is one that I can't shake.

I can't even think of anything negative to say about the movie, because everything negative that happens in the film is extremely important for Simon's development, so I don't think I'd change a single thing. Especially who the closeted classmate ended up being - that was one of my favourite things about it!

So overall, as I said before, everyone should watch this film. I don't care if you think you'll like it or not, you should definitely watch it.



  1. I’m glad you loved it! I still need to see it. I really liked the book. Great review!

    1. I haven't read the book, but I really want to now! Thank you xx


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