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Hey Guys x

I can't even remember when I saw this, but I'm finally reviewing it!

It's about a woman called Lara Croft, who is the daughter of a man who disappeared years ago. While everyone believes that he is dead, Lara refuses to admit that her father is gone. Hoping to find him herself, Lara goes to his last known location, hoping to find proof of life. However, his last-known location just happens to be a tomb off the coast of Japan. Lara must use everything that her father has ever taught her to decipher her way through the tomb and find out the truth about her father's disappearance.

I still don't know how I feel about this film. I don't know how much it's based on either the video game, or on Angelina Jolie's version because I haven't seen either of them - this film was my first experience of this whole world.

I have to preface this by saying that Alicia Vikander was amazing in the role. I think she's pretty much amazing in everything she does, but especially in this. You can tell that she really tried to embody this part as much as possible, and it paid off because I completely saw her as Lara Croft, forgetting that I knew her from previous works of hers.

Having said that, I wasn't a huge fan of the film.

I really enjoyed the first scenes that took place in London. The bike race scene in particular was really exciting, and I hoped that it was just setting up a feeling of the same kind of excitement that would be prevalent throughout the film. Unfortunately though, this excitement definitely dwindled as the film continued, particularly when she actually got into the tomb.

One problem in my opinion was that the audience didn't have the same motivations as Lara herself. By this I mean that, while we knew that Lara was trying to discover the truth about her father, as a viewer with no prior knowledge of her father, we fail to care about him at all and find ourselves just caring for Lara herself. Which means that when she does a whole manor of dangerous and reckless things, rather than us thinking that she's doing it for her father, it's just allowing us to see more of her character, And because of this, when the truth about her father is discovered, it's very difficult to care.

Overall, I'd recommend the movie, particularly if you're a fan of the genre, or if you're familiar with the 'Tomb Raider' world.



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