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Hey Guys x

It's been a long time since I've done a tag, so I thought I'd do one for you today!

I don't think that this is actually a tag, it's just questions to ask yourself, but I thought it would be fun to make it a tag! You can find the original article here. They're questions for self-reflection, which I definitely need to do!

I'm also not tagging anyone, but if you do this tag (and you're more than welcome to!) please comment your link below so I can read your answers!

Anyway, let's get on with the post!

50 Deep Questions:

1. What's your passion?
Within the last two years or so, I've found that I actually do have a few things that I'm passionate about other than blogging, writing and reading. My biggest passion aside from those now is films. Watching them, learning about the process, the editing, the special effects, maybe making my own one day, I just have a newfound passion and respect for films.

2. What would you do in life if you did not need to work for money?
Right now, I'm in the position where money isn't my biggest motivation, because I live at home and am financially supported. I guess I'd keep writing and hoping to get published one day, and I'd keep blogging. The big difference would be that I'd put a lot less pressure on my writing, and I'd write something without thinking about whether or not the public would read it. I'd also play sims a lot - A LOT! In fact, I'd love to work for sims!

3. Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 or 40 years?
The biggest thing for me would be being happy, and knowing that I'm making the most out of my life. Within 10-20 years I'd love to be married with kids, or in a relationship with kids. I'd love to have kids! And I'd love to have a book on the shelves, or a book that's been turned into a movie, or to have worked behind the scenes on a movie.

4. What are your fundamental life values?
For me, I'd say to just love what you do. Not necessarily your job, but on your days off, spent time doing what you love with people you love. I don't really have many life values that I stick to in my own life, but enjoyment is something that I think is really important, and I'd love to have a job in the future where this can be maintained.

5. Who are the 3 most important people in your life?
I'm excluding my parents and other family from this, as it's a bit obvious. My friends are all really important to me, whether I'm in constant contact with them or not. Also, and this is super cheesy, but I'm trying my hand at writing some fantasy right now (nothing will probably happen with this), but the main character of that is also important to me right now.

6. What is your biggest dream?
Right now, my biggest dreams are to fall in love and writing a book, not necessarily in that order! I'd also like to be involved in the filmmaking process in one way or another.

7. How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dream to come true?
I don't know. To be honest, I'm not sure what I'd have to sacrifice to make these dreams come true, but they are very important to me so I would make sacrifices.

8. What are the three things in your life that you'd like to change?
I can't think of anything that I could change quickly, but it would be great to not have anxiety, and to not overthink everything. Also, as a more trivial thing, I'd love to change my reading speed - for someone who loves to read, I read quite slowly, which is really annoying!

9. When was the last time you laughed out loud?
The other day when I was watching 'Horrible Bosses 2', which is hilarious! Either that, or the last time I watched this video of Benedict Cumberbatch not being able to say 'Penguin' - it's the funniest thing ever!

10. What are you grateful for?
I'm grateful for my mind, that I can be on my own for hours at a time without getting bored of myself or needing someone else to talk to.

11. When was the last time you tried something new?
I can't even remember. I'm a fan of creature comforts, I like things as I like them. I need to definitely get out of this habit though!

12. When was the last time you did something spontaneously?
A minute ago I texted someone about something that I never would have asked about, because I'd be too scared of doing it. I won't go into it in case it actually happens, but it's something that I'm actually pretty excited about!

13. Which are the most memorable moments from your past?
My most memorable moments are happy moments, because I try to block everything else out!

14. Are you making the same mistakes over and over again?
I sure hope not! I try not to make the same mistakes, but sometimes I can't help it! Anything that makes me unhappy or uncomfortable I definitely try to avoid.

15. Forget your real age for a second - now tell yourself how old you are.
I'm 30 and 12 at the same time. I worry like I'm so much older than I am, but when it comes to what I do, playing sims and staying at home a lot doesn't really scream 'I'm basically an adult' does it?

16. How important is social approval for you?
Very important, so much more important than it should be, and much more important than I'd like it to be. I'd love to not care what anyone else thinks, but I do!

17. Do you live for others or for yourself?
Right now, I think I live for myself, but I keep others in mind. Like, if I don't want to go out, I don't go out, but I worry about what others will think about the fact that I haven't gone out.

18. What was the last life lesson you learned?
Don't be scared to do shit. Don't be scared to try and mess up. Particularly when writing, blurt out the bad shit before you even begin to write anything good.

19. When was the last time you helped someone?
I let my friend use my oven on Friday afternoon, I guess that counts as helping someone.

20. Did you ever help a complete stranger?
Does giving up my seat on a bus count as helping a stranger? I let someone borrow a pen in a seminar a few weeks ago, who was technically a stranger!

21. What is your greatest fear?
I don't have a greatest fear because I have so many, mostly trivial like spiders. I guess I'm scared of dying, but I'm also really scared of someone I know dying because this has never happened to me before. I also fear being laughed at or made fun of in any way, or not being accepted.

22. Which word best describes your personality?
I have no idea. I guess you'd have to ask one of my friends, I can't describe it myself!

23. What inspires you?
Authors, bloggers, directors, actors, writers, aspiring filmmakers and youtubers. Anyone who makes a living doing what I'd love to do.

24. What is the biggest change initiated by you in the past 5 years?
I made the choice to go to university, which is a big change that's impacted me greatly.

25. What's your life's biggest achievement?
This blog, the views on it, the views on my current fanfiction, getting into university, making amazing friends, joining the blogging community, the amount that I've written and the ideas that I've had.

26. When was the last time you were proud of yourself?
I was proud on Friday that I'd made it through a week of university. I also wrote over 100 pages of my 'Rogue' fanfic, and I was really proud of that because I'm so in love with the character and the story. It's about the Avengers, and you can read it here if you want to.

27. If you could choose any place, where would you live?
I mean, I love where I live now because I'm used to it, but I'd love to live somewhere quieter, with less people. Or alternatively, I think it would be cool to live in somewhere like New York, but that's probably just because of Sex and the City!

28. What stops you from making the first step towards your dream?
My own brain telling me that my ideas aren't good enough. As I said, I'm writing a fantasy story and I'm very worried that the story isn't good, that the characters are stupid and that no one will ever want to read it.

29. When was the last time you took a risk?
I emailed someone asking if I could write something for them, which was definitely taking a risk! They haven't actually replied, so maybe it was a risk not worth taking, but I'm glad I did!

30. Who are the three people who had the most powerful influence on you?
I have three women, who are all YouTubers, who influence me in different ways. Carrie Hope Fletcher inspires me to write. To write often, to write anything, to believe that I can get published one day. Louise Pentland inspires me to be me, and to do what I want to do, and to have confidence while I'm doing it. Hazel Hayes inspires me to love films, to think about writing and making films, to get involved with the process and to be passionate about something - anything.

31. What's your deepest secret?
I can't think of a secret that I haven't already put on my blog, that I'd be willing to put on the internet.

32. What is happiness for you?
Happiness for me is being in love, writing, doing exactly what I want to do, not having anxiety, and not being dependent on someone else.

33. What habits would you like to quit?
I'd like to not bite my nails. I stopped over the summer, but I started again recently and it's really annoying because I liked having long nails!

34. How much are you ready to sacrifice for a successful career?
Like the last question that asked this, I don't know what I'd have to sacrifice, but I would make sacrifices.

35. What will you never forget?
The way people make me feel. I hold grudges, so if you upset me, I'll probably never trust you again, it's something I can't let go of.

36. Which were the most emotional moments of your life?
In July I went into a bit of a depression, and I can't remember ever feeling that bad in my entire life, so I'd have to say that period.

37. If you wrote about your life and only mentioned the most colourful, vivid, strong and impressive periods, how many pages would the book be?
I have no idea - I kind of feel like I haven't got to the point in my life where things are colourful and impressive and everything, so that might be an empty section of the book, but I hope I can fill up these pages in the future!

38. How many times have you fallen in love?
None, unfortunately!

39. How many times has your heart been broken?
Again, none!

40. What makes you keep motivated?
Again, Carrie, Louise and Hazel keep me motivated, plus thinking about the future, and the fact that it's completely in my control.

41. Do you give up too soon?
I think so. Depending on what it is, I'm not the most determined person in the world and if something is really hard, I tend to give up. But this is definitely something that I'm working on changing.

42. Do you know how it feels to wake up with a smile?
Not really... does anyone ever really wake up with a smile? I know what it's like to wake up with excitement, but not a physical smile.

43. When was the last time you cried?
Either watching 'Star Trek Into Darkness', or watching a daytime talk show where they were talking to a couple who had lost their daughter to a heroin overdose - it was really sad and I couldn't help crying.

44. Do you like your birthdays?
Well, I hate being centre of attention, so yes. But I do like getting presents, or just people saying 'happy birthday', because it makes me feel like they care.

45. Are you at peace with yourself?
I have no idea. I am at peace with my current self, but my current self isn't at peace with the thought of my future self, who is not doing anything to secure her future and is avoiding all thoughts on the subject.

46. If not for the financial matters, would you still be working where you're working now?
I'm not working now, so yes! If I didn't have to worry about money, I'd spend each and ever minute reading and writing until the end of time!

47. How much time do you spend on social networks?
No time at all. I try to tweet or retweet once or twice a day but it's never been the biggest thing to me. I check Instagram a lot because I love seeing what everyone else posts.

48. Is your cup half empty or half full?
Half empty - I'm a self-confessed pessimist.

49. Have you ever experiences a paradigm shift?
If I'm getting the definitely correct, no I haven't.

50. Do you usually listen to your heart or brain?
Both in equal measure. I'm emotional, but logical, and both play into my decision making.

Thank you for reading this tag/mini therapy session!

Comment below your own answers to some of these questions!

Keep Smiling - Lou xx


  1. Great post! I think I'll be doing this! Xoxo

  2. This tag actually sounds great, gonna try it x


  3. Hey I nominated you for the blogger recognition award over on my blog xxx

    1. Thanks so much, I'll check it out! xx

  4. I feel you when you said that the thing stopping you is your own brain. And I love the fact that you said that one of the most important people in your life is the character you're working on, that just shows how hard you work :) I really enjoyed reading this xxx


  5. If you ever wrote a book, I would definitely read it! Even if you just posted short little chapters on this blog!
    Aleeha xXx


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