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Hey Guys x

So I watched this film the other day, and I've decided that I'm going to review the films that I watch whether they're old or new. Because to be honest, when I want to watch a film, I'd rather see a newer review than an old one anyway.

This film is about a girl who is looking for the 'Philosopher's Stone', that is said to create (or provide) immortality. Through her research, she discovers that she can find it in the catacombs of Paris (basically an underground cemetery type thing). So she enlists the help of her ex boyfriend, her cameraman friend, and three Parisians that she meets who are already proficient when it comes to exploring these unknown tunnels. However, when they go through the first tunnel, it collapses behind them, meaning that they have no choice but to find another way out. However, when they go through one specific tunnel, they find out that there's a reason why everyone who's gone through it has never been seen again.

The first thing I'll say is that, it's not your average horror film. I mean, yes there are a few jumpscares, but for me the scariest thing was definitely the claustrophobia, and the worry about whether or not they'll be able to get out of the catacombs.

Now, right off the bat, I got the impression that these people, particularly the main girl, were idiots. And after finishing the film and having a few days to reflect, I can confirm that they are, in fact, idiots!

You could not pay me enough money to go exploring in some unknown underground tunnels without a clearly mapped-out escape route, people standing above ground to pull me out, and paramedics on hand for when the inevitable ceiling collapse happens, and even then it would be a no. It's like these guys just had no common sense.

The main girl in particular was so selfish! All she cared about was getting this stone that, for all she knew, didn't even really exist. And she was willing to bring all of these people into certain death so that she could find the freaking stone. In my opinion, a stone is not worth more than my life!

The film reminded me a bit of 'The Descent' in the way that it takes place in the dark underground and is scary because you don't know what's underground with the group.

The problem that I had with it was that, whenever I re-watch the trailers of some of my favourite horrors, such as the 'Conjuring' series, there's always at least two comments that say: 'This is crap. If you want to watch a good movie, see 'As Above, So Below'', so I had pretty high expectations. And to be honest, as much as I enjoyed watching the film, it failed to meet these expectations.

Have you seen this? Do you think you will?

Lou xx  


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