To The Fools Who Dream

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Hey Guys x

This post is going to be a bit of a ramble, so try to stay with me!

I am one of those 'fools who dream'. I dream of so many things. I dream of being an actress (never said that on the blog before - it's not something I'm pursuing!), a writer, a director, a producer. I dream of fun and excitement, of love and romance and marriage and kids. I dream of being the happiest that a person can be.

Watching La La Land made me think about that concept, about being a 'fool' who dreams, and having to clean up the mess that you make when your dreams inevitably come crashing down around you.

And it's weird to think about dreams like this, as something actually achievable and tangible. I know that, for me, my dreams are just that - dreams. Whether daydreams, actual asleep dreams or wistful wishes, none of them seem like they'll ever come true.

I love being a dreamer. In fact, I spend a large portion of each and every day in my head, dreaming, and I love it. I love that the world in my head is a world where I'm living my best life and absolutely loving every second of that life. Of course, I'd like my life to end up somewhat like my fake life - although if I end up speaking fluent Spanish or being an Oscar-winning Hollywood actress I'll be thrilled and shocked in equal measure!

But I think the best thing about dreams, is that there is the possibility to turn some of them into realities. For example, I want to be a film director. So what am I doing? Trying to direct some stuff of my own before I try to get an actual job on a film set when I'm done with uni. And it may not be achievable that I'm ever going to get to Hollywood and win an Oscar or anything, but is there any harm in trying?

Maybe sometimes the 'fools who dream' turn into the people living their dreams?

What are your dreams?

Lou xx


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