Schrödinger's Thoughts

Hey Guys x

This is the most random thought! I had it on the bus last week and immediately made a note of it because I thought it would be an interesting thing to address and think about.

Do you know the theory of Schrödinger's cat?

If not, here's an extremely simplified version.

If you put a cat and a vial of poison in a sealed box, and don't check it, there's no way to know if the cat is alive or dead. Because of this, until the box is opened, the cat is seen as both alive and dead.

I thought about this in relation to my anxiety.

One of the things that makes me anxious is thinking that people secretly dislike me or are saying bad things about me behind my back, or even in their heads, and it really makes me feel awful to think like that.

Until this thought popped into my head.

I'm obviously not a mind reader. Because of this, if that person is not someone close to me, I'll NEVER be able to know what they're thinking about me, unless they tell me (I used to do this in school. I once made a friend go around to most people in my class and ask if they liked me or not. They say not to have any regrets, but that's definitely something that I'd take back if I could!)

So, in that way, it's like the alive-but-dead cat.

If I don't know what they're thinking, then it's possible that they're thinking positive and negative things about me, and also possible (and more likely) that they aren't thinking about me at all.

So, in that sense, everyone that I think about is thinking positive, negative, and non-existent things about me at the same time, and I'll never know which because I'll never be able to find out.

This is quite a comforting thought, which is why I thought I'd share it. Now, whenever I think 'oh, they don't like me', I also think 'but at the same time, they do like me.' because I'll never know which is true and which isn't.

Thank you for reading.

What do you think of my theory? Comment below!

Lou xx


  1. This is such an amazing way to look at things, and I honestly want to thank you for this post. I'm deffo gonna look at things like this now. I worry about what people think of me too much, and from now on if they don't specifically tell me, I'll assume it could be just as likely that they do like me then not haha

    1. Aw, I'm really glad you liked the idea! Thanks Izzy xx

  2. I actually read about this theory,as it was mentioned in the novel "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" and I wanted to find out more about it.Your idea is really amazing! We should definitely look at things from this point of view! Great post :) x


    1. I've never read it, but I really want to now! Thank you so much xx


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